do you know the replicas of OSS 117 (1 and 2) well?

On the occasion of the release of the new OSS 117, Red Alert in Sub-Saharan Africa, we offer you a brand new quiz that will remind you of the key moments of the two previous opus, but above all that should allow you to determine how well you will remember them ! Do not disappoint us, we are counting on you.

The new oss 117

From today, August 4, 2021, it will be possible for us to discover OSS 117: Red Alert in Black Africa in the cinema. Jean Dujardin is back at work in this new plant, as is Fatou N’Diaye. They are both accompanied by Pierre Niney, who will play an inexperienced spy named OSS 1001. In this new feature film, we set off for Kenya in 1981, where Hubert was part of Françafrique.

Hubert’s fans will surely make the trip to the cinema to discover this new work, despite the health passport and the fact that it greatly influences the characters in French cinema. However, while you wait to discover OSS 117: Red Alert in Black Africa, we recommend that you remember the previous OSS 117. Will you be up to date? Now it’s up to you: let your memory work!

Our new quiz to find out how well you know oss 117

When you are ready, we will let you try without further delay to achieve the maximum number of points in our new OSS 117 special quiz:

What score did you get? Don’t hesitate to let us know in our comment section so we know what the level of our readers is! And if you like quizzes as well as French series and films, you can always find out in our previous quiz if you also know Kaamelott’s cult lines.

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