Do you know Hermione Granger’s interpreter well?

Emma Watson is celebrating her 31st birthday today. On this occasion we invite you to test your knowledge of the actress. Are you real fans of Emma Watson? We’ll find out quickly.

Happy birthday Emma Watson

You first discovered Emma Watson when she played Hermione Granger in the 2001 episode of Harry Potter. 20 years have passed and although she is still connected to Ron and Harry’s boyfriend, she has known how to develop his career and multiply projects. She was seen in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, but she also makes her voice audible as a committed feminist and humanist. Lots of good things that make a lot of people love Emma Watson. To pay tribute to him on his 31st birthday, we’ve decided to dedicate our daily quiz to him. Can you score without mistakes and get a score of 12/12? It’s time to find out.

If you want to extend the fun, all other tests can be found by clicking here.

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