Do we have to wait a season 2 for this incredible Netflix series?


On October 23, season 1 of Barbarians was released. This new German miniseries with only six episodes, this Netflix signed with peplum, brings the platform’s subscribers to the heart of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. Will barbarians benefit from a second season, is that possible?

towards a second season for barbarians?

At the time of writing, Netflix has not yet commented on the possibility of a second season for the Barbarians season. However, this particularly popular series has every chance. First, critics agree, or almost agree, Season 1 is a success. The historical reenactment was praised, especially the costumes of the Roman soldiers.

The updated Battle of Teutobourg gives us a glimpse into the fate of three characters as the Germanic tribes attempt to drive back the Roman invader. A historic event that took place in the year 9 after Jesus Christ and will shape Europe and its geopolitical structure. Immersive, this six episode peplum must now reveal its sequel.

And given the ending of this first episode, several possibilities are possible. Season 2 could arrive as early as October 2021, though the pandemic could delay the arrival of these new episodes. In any case, a second season for the Barbarians series is possible, especially since the authors are already anticipating the plot of the next season.