Dispute over investigation body into Capitol attack escalated | free press


Washington (AP) – Despite a new escalation around the committee to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, US President Joe Biden believes in a collaboration between Democrats and Republicans.

“But the well has been so poisoned for the past four years,” said Biden in Cincinnati, Ohio. “But I think it’s all starting to move. I don’t mean overnight, don’t get me wrong.” The Democratic president answered questions from citizens during a so-called town hall event on US broadcaster CNN.

Quarrel and blame

Previously, there had been heated discussions about the committee in the House of Representatives investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had rejected two Republican candidates out of “respect for the integrity of the investigation” to the panel. The two are considered staunch supporters of then-US President Donald Trump. Republican minority leader of Congress, Kevin McCarthy, threatened Republicans to boycott the committee.

McCarthy accused Pelosi of ‘playing politics’ and ‘abuse of power’. After a heated discussion about the commission, McCarthy nominated just five candidates for the commission on Monday. Pelosi, who had to confirm the nomination, rejected MPs Jim Banks and Jim Jordan as members of the panel.

Jordan is one of the most ardent Trump supporters. Banks had stated after his appointment that the panel should investigate not only the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, but also “hundreds of violent political clashes last summer” by, for example, “left-wing extremists”.

McCarthy said the committee would not participate unless Pelosi accepted all five candidates. “No committee in Congress will work if one person elects everyone who can participate,” he said at a news conference. The commission must investigate the background of the attack on the Capitol. Trump supporters stormed the US Congress seat in Washington on Jan. 6. Five people were killed, including a police officer.

“I don’t care if you think I’m the born-again Satan. The fact is, you can’t watch TV and say nothing happened on January 6,” Biden said, citing conspiracy theories. “You can’t listen to people say it was a peaceful demonstration.” He has hope in the people of the US. “We have to deal with this. What are you telling your grandkids or your kids about what’s going on here?” Biden wondered. The chairman emphasized the importance of cooperation in general. “Democracy must stand up and show that it can achieve something.”

Biden was also confident in a two-tier infrastructure package. Senate Democrats lost a key test vote on Wednesday to move the bill forward. Biden has been in office for six months now – the infrastructure package is one of his prestigious projects.