Disney received a petition with more than 17,000 signatures asking for a new version of “Soul”.

Disney received a petition with more than 17,000 signatures asking for a new version of “Soul”.

It’s about including black voices in the cast of dubbing the film.

The controversy erupted when the film was released on the Disney streaming platform in Portugal on December 25th. The Portuguese version of “Soul – An Adventure with a Soul” had no black voices in the national cast who were responsible for the dubbing. Instead, the voice of the protagonist was given to actor Jorge Mourato.

In the days that followed, social media criticism multiplied and a petition was drawn up calling for Disney to implement the Portuguese version more fully. Among the signatories of the petition are names such as Dino D’Santiago, Sara Tavares, Mamadou Ba, Mayra Andrade, Nástio Mosquito and Pedro Coquenão.

In the document it can be read that “Disney in Portugal treated this film as yet another, did not have the same criteria and ignored the original intention to select exclusively Afro-descended actors to give the characters a voice”. Now, less than a month after the controversy began, the petition has more than 17,500 signatures and has already been delivered to Disney.

The document “was delivered physically and digitally,” said Pedro Coquenão, author of the petition, to Lusa. “Almost 400 pages were printed with validated signatures and sent to Disney Portuguesa and Americana. There is only one answer from Disney. “So far there has been no answer.

“Soul – An Adventure with a Soul” tells the story of a piano teacher who finally has a great chance in life: to play in a jazz band. However, his journey will be interrupted when everything looks promising – and with the help of a little soul he will try to get back to his body.

In addition to the protagonist of Jorge Mourato, Pedro Pernas, Mónica Garcez and José Nobre belong to the group of participating actors.

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