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Disney announces the production of the film and many changes!

We learn tonight that Disney has just started production of Deadpool 3. Long-awaited news as we didn’t know what Disney could do with this very lucrative franchise …

Deadpool is coming!

A lot of ink was spilled in the Disney group’s takeover of 21st Century Fox. The big-eared studio gained many licenses (Avatar, Alien, etc.) through this huge financial operation and brought back many Marvel heroes that Marvel Studios didn’t own, including the X-Men and the Four Fantastic. However, the trade press and Marvel fans quickly wondered what Disney could do with the character of Deadpool.

Known for his profanity, trash humor that easily focuses on sex and gore, the famous antihero doesn’t seem very solvable with the familial aspect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. If actor Ryan Reynolds was very optimistic about Deadpool’s arrival at the MCU last May, one might fear that Disney would either leave the antihero on the edge of the expanded universe or ditch some of its bulkier aspects for the studio picture. Additionally, the creator of Deadpool never stopped showing his deep distrust of Disney and what the studio could do with the character.

In the columns of Deadline today we learn that despite the obvious tone differences between the Deadpool films and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney actually decided to start production on Deadpool 3. With many changes to the key.

First, Ryan Reynolds and Disney chose new writers: sisters Wendy and Lizzie Molyneux. The two writers are known to work on the satirical animated series Bob’s Burger. They have a wealth of background on sour humor. Ryan Reynolds continues to be heavily involved in the writing of the film. We also know that Disney is forced to switch directors because David Leitch, director of Deadpool 2, is not available to direct the third episode. We recall that June rumors wanted director Michael Bay, known for his supercharged films and close to Ryan Reynolds, to be approached to direct the film, but the information was never confirmed.

The deadline also tells us that the film should keep its R-rated rating. If the information was not formalized by Disney, our American colleagues’ sources say the film should maintain the same classification as the previous films. This is news that should reassure Deadpool fans, who are very attached to the insolence and insolence of the character.

It remains to be seen what place Deadpool will take in the Disney Marvel Universe … If, according to Deadline, Kevin Feige, the great architect of the MCU, will have a say in the production of the film, it seems hard to imagine that the character would have a central place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We recall that Disney refused to bring The New Mutants, its horrified superhero movie, to the Disney + platform because it didn’t conform to the studio’s usual family codes. Will this have Deadpool one foot inside and one outside the MCU? This is the option that currently seems most viable to us. We’ll tell you more in the upcoming Disney announcements.


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