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Discover these 9 anecdotes about Black Widow and Hawkeye

While fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) may not see a romantic relationship between Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton or Black Widow (Black Widow) and Hawkeye (Eil-de-Faucon) on the big screen, this duo is actually much more than only romance. They are often mission partners, teammates within the Avengers, and sometimes even enemies in Marvel comics. They have many similar skills that allow them to work together, but they also have very different philosophies. Here is a non-exhaustive selection of details about these two superheroes from the Marvel Universe.

1) Black Widow and Hawkeye consistently outperform the Avengers

Though MCU fans know them best as agents of SHIELD-turned-Avengers, they don’t spend all of their time on either team. In fact, the two characters tend to rebel fairly regularly. Sometimes Hawkeye walks away because he just wants a break, while other times he ends up mentoring new heroes, like with members of the Thunderbolts or Kate Bishop. For her part, Black Widow is often drawn into her past. She tends to take on single missions if they involve the Red Room or previous targets. Both understand the need for individual missions, but support each other when the situation calls for it.

2) They have the same SHIELD clearance in the MCU

While accreditation levels and ranks vary wildly in the comics, the same is not true of the MCU. Intelligence agency clearance levels range from advisor to director. Since Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton often work alongside Phil Coulson as field commanders, a detail revealed in Marvel: Agents of SHIELD Season 1 reveals that they were both level 7 like Agent Coulson prior to the fall of SHIELD. So if we’re going to rely on the series, it would suggest that the two superheroes are of a high enough level to know that Coulson will come back to life after the events of the Avengers movie. But since the MCU’s movies and television were originally separate, that question was never addressed.

3) The MCU originally intended to further explore their friendship

When the Iron Man 2 (2010) movie was in development, there were persistent rumors that Black Widow and Hawkeye would appear in the movie, with multiple Marvel sources reaching out to various media outlets. Ultimately, Hawkeye was unsuccessful, though he did make a cameo for his MCU debut in Thor (2011). Hawkeye was also rumored to appear in the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) alongside Black Widow. Instead, it was Falcon that was introduced to the MCU.

4) Their relationship has been supplanted in the movies

Director Joss Whedon’s decision to cast Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) came as a surprise to many, especially considering the other characters Black Widow is related to in the comics. Even more surprising to longtime fans is that Hulk and Black Widow were never together in the comics. Whedon said he didn’t like the fact that Hawkeye and Black Widow couldn’t have a relationship without being romantic. Instead, he paired Captain America and Hawkeye with other partners while Black Widow teamed with Bruce Banner. Director Joe Russo said, “We don’t translate the comics directly into the movies. Why watch the movies when you know how they’re going to end?”.

5) They both dated other people

Natasha has dated several superheroes in the comics. She has been particularly associated with the Winter Soldier, Captain America, Daredevil, and Hercules. Hawkeye has also had his share of conquests, although some of his relationships have been more difficult for him than others. For example, Hawkeye left the Avengers in a fit of jealousy after the Scarlet Witch left him for Vision. However, in the Ultimates series universe, he is married to a woman named Laura with whom he has three children, which inspired his family in the MCU. During the Hawkeye miniseries (1983), he teams up with Mockingbird and eventually marries her in the final issue, Hawkeye #4. Their relationship is later developed notably in the West Coast Avengers comics.

6) They were almost married

Natasha was previously married to Alexei Shostakov before moving to the United States. This happened when the Red Warden faked his own death to become a spy. She even becomes Tony Stark in The Ultimates Vol. 2 #4 comics. She also dated Hawkeye for a while, and they were even engaged for a while before breaking up with him to continue her Black Widow career. This romance was a recurring topic of conversation among Marvel fans, although it was never explored in the MCU.

7) They both have long criminal histories

After joining the Avengers, Hawkeye takes over the Thunderbolts from Baron Zemo and has himself arrested for them in Thunderbolts #50. Natasha is a former KGB agent and a former soldier in her country, where she committed many horrible crimes. Much like Bucky Barnes was forgiven in Captain America: Civil War (2016), Black Widow also admitted to being manipulated. However, this does not prevent him from committing further reprehensible acts later. Hawkeye and Black Widow were later threatened by Agent Coulson, who used their “long criminal record” against them in the comic book Secret Avengers #1. And in the Ultimates universe, their paths become even darker as Natasha turns traitor and helps the Liberators invade the United States, and Clint ends up behind bars.

8) Various people have been named after them

Prior to Natasha Romanoff’s introduction as Black Widow in 1964, another character used the same name. And the true identity of that character was Claire Voyant. But Claire had nothing to do with the KGB, she was a satanist with a penchant for spiritualism. Other characters have also taken the torch, such as Yelena Belova, who became the second Black Widow when Natasha betrayed her homeland and joined SHIELD. One of Hawkeye’s successors, Kate Bishop, was part of Young Avengers and became Hawkeye when Clint went by the name Ronin. He continued to use that name until Avengers #109, where he reverted to his previous alias.

9) First they wanted to bring down Iron Man

When Black Widow and Hawkeye first met, both were villains, and Natasha claimed in Tales of Suspense #57 that “the famous Iron Man is a mortal enemy of mine. Any man who can defeat him would be a man I could learn to love.” . After a first defeat by Tony Stark, he will be able to take his revenge later. But although Black Widow originally appeared as someone manipulating Clint into doing what she wanted, she returned in Tales of Suspens #64, wearing a mask that looked a lot like Hawkeye’s, and then appeared as a symbolic path , to explain the relationship between the two characters .

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