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Discover the REAL ranking of the coolest characters

Dear readers, you probably disagree with this ranking. It must be said that as writers, despite our great objectivity, we sometimes have certain weaknesses. It is difficult indeed to ignore childhood memories, the state of wonder that seized us as we watched our favorite character on screen and tried to reproduce his movements. We therefore offer you a ranking of the characters from Dragon Ball Z who are the coolest for us. Don’t hesitate to use the comments section to let us know if you agree (or disagree) with the first one in this ranking!

Number 15: fantastic turtle

The master of the turtles, aka Kame senin, aka maitre Mutenroshi, is still an ultra cool grandpa with a rocking style (we love the cosplays of Tortue Géniale, by the way). One of the greatest masters of human martial arts in the Dragon Ball universe makes us laugh, it is. It’s kind of the manga’s humorous guarantee. In addition, Tortue Géniale is a real base for the nostalgic among us, as it represents the beginning of our little Goku’s adventure. We also don’t forget that in the first few volumes of the manga, he was one of the most powerful warriors there is. If Awesome Turtle is part of our list of the most stylish characters, it’s because our favorite grandfather Goku Kamehameha taught.

Number 14: bard

Bardock is the father of Son Goku and one of the first Saiyajins to be exterminated during the Freeza genocide. He’s a personable and charismatic Saiyan to the majority of fans for a number of reasons. First, his fighting style may be a bit primitive (at least very different from Son Goku’s), but the fact that he is fighting for a lost cause gives him some buzz. Bardock was also a powerful Saiyan with a force of 10,000 units, the same power as King Vegeta (who had increased tenfold after his last clashes) and that of Broly Baby. His ability to become a Super Saiyan increased his strength to the point that Chilled couldn’t do anything against him in The Bardock episode. At the time, Bardock had 500,000 Super Saiyan units. The fact that video games regularly feature this character also allowed him to gain notoriety.

Number 13: cooler

Freezer’s brother, Cooler, appears to us for the first time when he’s already in his fourth appearance. Shame on the top three because the one that really interests us is the sixth we loved to see in the last fight of Cooler’s Revenge. We really want him to deal with conflict in an intellectual, almost subtle way. Cooler is prudent and extremely calculating, and knows how to be respected. He won our hearts.

Number 12: C-17

The twin brother of C-18 has incredible energy and stamina. He is the most bellicose man made, which has given him a certain notoriety among fans (who seem to love rebels). N ° 17 is significantly more powerful than his sister and so proud that it will be fatal for him. After being brought back to life, he becomes a powerful ally of Goku and his friends. We can say that we appreciated his bad character, which perfectly matches his extraordinary potential and development.

Number 11: Kind Buu

Kid Buu is a damn good psychopath who looks a lot like a kid who’s really been spoiled. With no conscience or remorse of any kind, Kid Buu is a particularly formidable enemy. Indeed, behind his childlike character and appearance hides the strongest and most ruthless version of Buu. His dangerous character and thirst for psychopathic destruction only match his penetrating gaze and his favorite line: “Me Buu. Kill yourself!” He is responsible for the deaths of many heroes mentioned later. Kid Buu deserves respect because we like to hate him. And it’s bad anyway.

Number 10: cell

Some of you will say, excuse me? Cell only in tenth place? Oh well. He certainly could have been positioned a little lower in the rankings, largely because he managed to seduce everyone into being often referred to as the favorite villain of children (and adults), but other characters are in our childhood manga Worth gold. Still, Cell is Son Goku’s archenemy and that the elders broke their teeth when they faced him (especially Vegeta, Son Gohan and Trunks). A real nuisance to this cell, but we love it anyway.

Number 9: Vegeto

We love Vegeto and also his provocative side towards Buu. Yes, Vegeto really is the super classy character we all love. It must be said that the merging of Son Goku and Vegeta, our two rivals in the heart, through the kiss of Potalas (earrings that one puts on on the right and the other on the left) makes it possible to unleash a whole force. simply extraordinary. Vegeto has a certain viciousness and is very much loved by the fans. It therefore deserves this ninth place.

Number 8: freezer

Freezer’s personality, pause, and techniques are some of the coolest in Dragon Ball. Then when you come back to life three times, it still has some potential. Do we have an idea, without laughing, to write such cool lines (Dragon Ball Z episode 047):

I doubt to have to introduce myself, but just in case, I am the mighty Frieza and yes, all of the horrific stories you’ve heard are true.

Number 7: suitcase of the future

The son of Vegeta and Bulma is very likeable to us, but between Trunks of the present and Tunks of the future we think that the question will be answered quickly. Future Trunks is altruistic and still comes from the future to save Goku from a deadly disease (while also saving the earth from a terrible fate). Far from being as materialistic and selfish as the Trunks we originally knew, Future Trunks is low key and far more serious. It’s stronger than us: we like it.

Number 6: Gogeta

Gogeta fought Janemba fiercely and epic, and that was really cool to see. We have kept this famous phrase that we never tire of:

I am neither Goku nor Vegeta, I am the one who will defeat you!

Although the character is unknown in the manga, he has become very (very) popular with fans. For us he deserved sixth place.

Number 5: Piccolo

Piccolo is a character that has always interested us. He was once a formidable enemy of Son Goku, but later became one of his most loyal friends. The development of the character is indeed particularly interesting to watch. The most powerful of the Namek warriors also becomes Son Gohan’s mentor (and his relationship with Son Goku’s son is the most touching). We appreciate that he uses gigantism and shows courage against the sharpest enemies in the universe. His psychological and intellectual abilities make him a particularly popular character on the series. A well-known tactician as we like them!

Number 4: broly

A unique villain and really successful at the bottom of the podium! Broly is clearly one of the classiest characters in the Dragon Ball Z universe. His visceral hatred of Goku is transcendent. His warrior body is also particularly popular with fans. It must be said, even if it remains subjective, that he is one of the most aesthetically successful characters in the saga. The first time the viewer sees it on the screen, it’s a shock: so much power! It forces the broly. Without a doubt, he’s one of the most popular characters in the saga, and yet he’s also one of those who get the ass kicked the most. In short, Broly’s charisma comes from a whole. And then it’s still the SAIYAN LEGENDAIRE!

Number 3: Gohan

Gohan is cool, really cool, especially since he’s one of the few child characters in a series who managed to win fan sympathy. It must be admitted, usually the little one is often annoying, even unbearable. Gohan, on the other hand, enables many young people to identify with him. We quickly understand that he’s a really talented person, mostly because he wounds his very young uncle, manages to fight high-ranking Saiyans, and he even manages to stand up to the army of Frieza Namek when he does isn’t a teenager yet. Gohan knows what he wants and he will do anything to achieve it. He doesn’t respond to clichés that can be ascribed to other characters, and that’s why he’s in our top 3.

Number 2: Son Goku

The main character of DBZ has it all, and he was a part of many of you childhood. His sense of duty, but also his bravery, have deeply shaped readers and viewers. Under the influence of anger, Son Goku can have very good lines, like the ones he directs to Frieza:

I was pretty peaceful by nature, but anger made me feel like someone else, a legendary warrior … I’m Son Goku, the Super Saiyan!

However, he couldn’t win in this top as his big rival wins in our hearts.

Number 1: Vegeta

Vegeta is very interesting on several levels. First of all, the evolution of the character is noteworthy as we move from a genius with immense pride to an extremely powerful person who even manages to see the superiority of his rival. The fact that Vegeta later develops new feelings like love or compassion is another great development. Really, the Saiyan prince and lifelong rival of Son Goku is particularly charismatic. It deserves its place at the top of the class. As proof of our immense love for him, Akira confided to Toriyama that he was influenced by requests from fans who did not want Vegeta to die on the show. And then it is also the origin of the famous internet meme “It’s Over 9000 !!!” : This confirms our choice.


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