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Discover the official timeline of the Stone of Power in the MCU

In Guardians of the Galaxy, the public was able to discover the Stone of Power, one of the Infinity Stones in the MCU. This stone’s journey is particularly long, but Marvel UK has decided to offer us an infographic to trace its history.

An extraordinary journey for this infinity stone

Indeed, Marvel UK has just shared a large infographic on its Instagram account, allowing us to see the Power Stone’s journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As a reminder, the Power Stone was one of the six Infinity Stones, remnants of the singularity before the universe and bestowed immense cosmic power on an individual. It was used by Eson the Seeker until forgotten on Morag in the Orb for millennia.

Thanos coveted the orb. To get his hands on it, he sends Kree Ronan, the accuser, to 2014 to find her. However, before the latter can retrieve it, it is Star-Lord who takes it to safety in Nova’s cohorts. In 2018, Thanos manages to obtain the Stone from Xandar to insert into his Infinity Gauntlet and carry out his plan to decimate the planet of half the population. The Power Stone as well as the others are destroyed by the Mad Titan shortly after, lest his society be wiped out.

To save the lives killed by Thanos, the Avengers decide to launch a Temporal Break in 2023. So War Machine returns to 2014 accompanied by Nebula to go to Morag to recover the Stone of Power. Then, after the Battle of Earth, when Iron Man uses the six stones to destroy Thanos and his army by sacrificing himself, it’s Captain America who returns to 2014 to bring the Power Stone into bring back his original timeline.

You can discover the infographic below that traces the chronology of the Power Stone and honestly, it almost makes you want to print it to make a great poster!

This isn’t the first time Marvel has offered us this type of infographic. Not long ago we were able to discover the official and epic timeline of Captain America’s Shield.


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