discover the new films and series for August 2021


As every month on Hitek, we invite you to discover the new features that are being added to the Netflix catalog. You could start the summer with a lot of new content on the streaming platform and the SVOD giant does not stop there, because this is where Netflix has ready for you for the month of August 2021.

The complete Mr Robot

The entire Mr Robot series starring Rami Malek will be available on the streaming platform. You can enjoy the 4 seasons of the series and follow the adventures of Elliot Anderson, a young depressed and paranoid computer scientist entrusted with a mission by Mr. Robot: to hack banks and large SMBs including a specific company E. Corp. Urgent to see or see again.

Shaman King

The anime adaptation of Takei Hiroyuki’s manga will hit Netflix on August 9th. The story tells of Manta, a brilliant student who walks through the cemetery and meets Yoh Asakura, the heir to a shaman’s family. The latter will make him take part in the shaman fight, a competition to appoint the shaman king and to help him, Yoh will invoke many spirits, including Amidamaru, the spirit of a samurai who was executed more than 600 years ago.


It’s this summer’s Netflix thriller starring John David Washington. After a stay in Greece, during which Beckett lost his girlfriend in a car accident, he found himself in the middle of a manhunt and a political conspiracy after his discharge from the hospital. He will do everything possible to seek refuge in the American embassy and return home.

Eden’s zero

On August 26th, enjoy Eden’s Zero, the Japanese animated series by JC Staff, which is an adaptation of the manga by Hiro Mashima, creator of Fairy Tail.

The action takes place in an abandoned amusement park where Shiki, a young boy, has always lived in this environment. He will have to leave his house if he is the subject of a robot rebellion. He will then join Rebecca and Happy, two people who have come to explore the park and travel to the cosmos in their spaceship.

August 1st

Yves Saint LaurentOur LadiesParental ControlRampage – Out of ControlThe souvenir

3rd August

UFOs, Classified as Top Secret РSeason 1Ijé РThe Journey

August 9

August 11th

13 August

15th of August

Downton Abbey – The Complete

20th of August

August 23

The complete Mr Robot

26th of August

August 27th