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Discover the big winners of the New Media Timeline

The more time passes, the more inappropriate and in line with our uses the chronology of the media appears. In fact, for some years it has ordered a cycle that all films accessible in cinemas must go through. First they are broadcast in cinemas, then they can end up on Canal + before finally being accessible on SVOD platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + …) 36 months after their release in cinemas…


A new media chronology is already about to be signed. It aims to allow films to be accessed earlier on various mediums, from streaming services to TV channels. What changes does this new media chronology envisage? We explain everything to you in this article.

As we warned you in the preamble, once films are released in cinemas, they are subject to a very strict schedule that large groups must respect. This explains in particular why certain productions are only available on Netflix late, or even why all MCU films are not yet available on Disney +, although the series …

But a new schedule will turn the audiovisual industry upside down. This has now been discussed for several months and is scheduled for ratification on Monday, January 24, 2022.

And the big winners are…

Canal+: the films are made available 6 months after their theatrical release Netflix: the films are made available 15 months after their theatrical release Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video: the films are made available 17 months after their theatrical release TV channels (TF1 , M6…): the films are made available 22 months after theatrical release (with an exclusivity or co-exclusivity of up to 36 months)

Two big winners emerge from the announcement of this new media chronology. These are Canal+ and Netflix. If these platforms have been given a shorter deadline than the others, it is mainly because the two groups have committed themselves to financing French cinema.

For their part, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and TV networks believe they have been shunned. Though their broadcast window is more favorable now, they don’t seem happy to see Netflix overtaking them. Disney has previously indicated that it does not wish to enter into this agreement on these terms.

At this time we do not know what is planned for VOD and DVD film releases. As a reminder, these media are increasingly suffering from the accessibility of productions on streaming services and even more so from the fact that they end up on piracy platforms…


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