Discover the atypical and not very spicy dishes of the Mario-themed restaurant

The weeks go by and Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Osaka continues to unfold. Earlier this month, new information specifically told us the attractions that would be present in the park and easily showed us the restaurant’s menu. And through a new Super Nintendo World Direct, the Japanese giant has introduced the various dishes that are on offer there.

Dishes with a special look

The opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Osaka has been postponed following the coronavirus pandemic that continues to claim victims around the world. A new date has not yet been announced and it is Osaka Prefecture that will resolve this issue in due course. Even so, the Japanese publisher presented its fleet in greater detail through a recent Super Nintendo World Direct. Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario’s father himself, gave the audience a guided tour to introduce them to the park from home.

The Japanese in particular opened the doors to Kinopio’s Cafe, where dishes with an atypical design and little taste are served. The map had already been revealed somewhat earlier this month, so the park had the chance to fully reveal it. So it will be possible to enjoy the thematic dishes of this Mario restaurant, where mushrooms are obviously in the spotlight.

Caprese salad piranha plant

Super bowl with mushroom pizza, tomato sauce and mushrooms

Tiramisu block?

Calzone green bowl filled with yakisoba and cheese

Fruit sandwich pastries with Mario and Luigi cream

Mario’s bacon cheeseburger

the fruity frozen refreshments from mario and luigi

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