Discover the astronomical sum collected at the exit of each character

Genshin Impact was launched in September 2020 and is a real hit internationally. In just a few months, the Chinese gacha had sales of more than a billion dollars. Numbers That Make You Dizzy, Genshin Impact was more efficient than Pokémon GO when it was released. To give us an idea, the Sensor Tower site gives us an estimate of the amount raised for each character exit.

Sums that make you dream

Although the game can be played without a dime, many players are tempted to buy first wives. New characters come out regularly, forcing regular players to wait or just get their hands on the wallet. An extremely lucrative system that has stood the test of time since the Chinese game and made a trifle of a billion dollars before it reached six months of operation.

To ensure that players are spending their PEL the way they should, the miHoYo studio is showing off their new characters the way they should. Introduction to the game, multiple trailers, improved improvement with a free trial, all means are good. A technique that pays off. And for good reason, the studio makes between $ 9.1 million and $ 15.5 million on each character release. The most lucrative character is none other than Zhongli, the 5-star geo character supposed to represent China. A popular banner that could return in Update 1.5 if the latest rumors are to be believed.

Regardless, Genshin Impact continues to seduce. The updates follow one another, as do the banners. As a reminder, players only have a 0.6% chance of earning a 5-star character when summoned. However, after 90 unsuccessful summons, the next one guarantees a 5-star character or item. The current banner that lets you get Venti, a coveted 5-star Anemo character, undoubtedly adds to the prize pool. Regardless, Genshin Impact is not expected to stop tomorrow. The studio plans to invest $ 200 million in development each year.

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