Digital vaccination certificate must come before the summer holidays | Free press


Berlin / Brussels (dpa) – Even before the summer holidays, people in Germany must be able to prove that they have been fully vaccinated with a smartphone app. Government circles reported this on Wednesday.

The digital certificate is intended to give those affected the opportunity to prove quickly and forgery-proof that they have been fully vaccinated and can therefore again make use of certain basic rights, for example when traveling on holiday.

The certificates should not be centrally stored on a server, but on the user’s smartphone. In addition to the entry in the analogue yellow vaccination certificate, people who do not have a smartphone receive a printout of the digitally readable vaccination certificate as a QR code on paper. Even if the smartphone is lost or changed, the certificate can be read back into the mobile phone with the printed QR code.

The digital vaccination certificates are issued in the vaccination centers and medical practices. The federal government is currently looking for a method by which people who have already been fully vaccinated can receive their certificate afterwards. The federal government is also still discussing whether overcome corona infections should also be assessed as complete vaccination protection. It was said that it was still dependent on research results.

As previously stated in the Official Journal of the European Union, the digital vaccination certificate will be prepared in Germany under the direction of the US technology group IBM. Also involved are the Cologne start-up Ubirch, the Swabian IT service provider Bechtle and Govdigital, a partnership of ten public sector IT service providers.

As with the federal government’s official corona warning app, the development of the system should be programmed as an open source project and made transparent. The vaccination certificate should then be stored in the Corona Alert App or in a separate application programmed by IBM.

Contrary to the originally discussed concepts, the solution does not rely on the encryption technology of so-called blockchains, but on traditional encryption technology.

The German vaccination pass must be compatible with the Covid certificate, which is currently being worked on at EU level. The EU states had determined their position on Wednesday for the negotiations with the European Parliament, the German news agency heard from diplomatic circles. The document aims to document vaccinations, results of approved tests and information on surviving infections and to be recognized across the EU. Especially holiday countries such as Greece or Spain, whose economies strongly depend on tourism, have campaigned for this.

The certificate must be issued free of charge, as evidenced by the position of the EU countries. The countries must be able to decide for themselves which benefits – such as quarantine exemption – the EU states grant. The respective countries must also decide for themselves whether they also recognize vaccinations with preparations that are only approved in certain countries but not throughout the EU – for example, the Russian Sputnik V. The rules should initially apply for 12 months. At the end of this month, the European Parliament should be able to determine its position, after which negotiations with the EU countries should start.