Did you like the mill in “O Amor Happens”? We’ll tell you how you can go on vacation there

Did you like the mill in “O Amor Happens”? We’ll tell you how you can go on vacation there

The new TVI show premiered a week ago and will be introducing new couples all the time.

It is one of the four houses in the program.

Diogo Nasser, 21, and Cláudia Sousa, 25, appeared in “O Amor Happen” last Sunday, July 4th. You are one of four couples who opened the new TVI show. Four new couples are introduced each week.

The two lived in one of the most elegant accommodations: the mill. The others are Casa da Serra, Casa da Praia, and Casa do Campo (which NiT has already revealed are in Montijo and are actually called Herdade do Moinho Novo).

TVI assigns these generic names to the accommodations, distinguishing the characteristics of their surroundings, but does not disclose the real names. However, if you want to rent it in a few weeks, we will tell you what the mill is called in “O Amor Happens”: Bees mill.

It is located in Sobral da Abelheira, in the municipality of Mafra. A 120 year old mill has been converted into accommodation while maintaining the original architectural features. Inside there is a rustic living room with a sofa bed and a smart TV; and an equipped kitchen on the floor that gives access to the bathroom. For a short break in winter there is also a tiled stove to heat the mill.

Then there is the bedroom with a 360-degree panoramic view – and the roof still retains the old mill structure. This accommodation is also particularly interesting for its external features.

There’s this little round pool, perfect for a weekend or romantic getaway, with right to a shower and porch. It has a dining table, a swing and serves as a space for leisure and relaxation – with practically the same breathtaking view as the bedroom.

In addition, like Herdade do Moinho Novo, it has a major sustainable component: the energy is supplied via photovoltaic panels. And the bees mill advises guests to reduce their electricity consumption, as the room is not connected to the mains and is operated with batteries.

“O Cupid happens” is still recorded and he will therefore not be able to book this mill for the next few weeks – we do not know exactly how many. For the time being, cast parts will continue to be produced.

However, you can request more information about reservations by emailing beemoinho@nullgmail.com or mobile number 913 917 727. Please visit the official website for more information.

Also read NiT’s article on Herdade do Moinho Novo (Casa de Campo) and read our interview with neuropsychologist Alexandre Machado, a specialist who made the matches in “O Amor Happen”.

Click on the gallery to see more pictures of the bee mill.

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