Did you know this particularly disturbing movie scene


Disney is known for its mainstream animated films, which have been returning to the silver screen for several years thanks to the famous remastered versions. But Disney also produces more classic films like Maxi Papa, High School Musical or even A nous Quatre. And it’s one of those traditional graphic films that has a disturbing scene in it.

a disturbing scene

In 1999 a film called “The Millionaire Apprentice” was released. The plot goes as follows: “After the wealthy abuser crushes a boy’s bike, he offers a blank check to comfort the child. The latter does not hesitate for a moment, registering the whopping $ 1 million before rushing around to grant his every wish. But the generous donor, who in reality turns out to be the bully of the worst kind, soon realizes the charade and hurries to get his hands on the boys, Preston before he spends it all.

So far you won’t tell me anything unusual. Yet this film has been the target of much controversy. One scene shows the kiss between the then 11-year-old boy Preston and Shay, who was portrayed on the screen by the 31-year-old actress Karen Duffy at the time of filming. An imposing age difference that is impractical, especially since the boy is only 11 years old. And even at that time the scene was apparently accepted, in these more modern times it is not.

This is a scene from a Disney movie .. by r / Cringetopia

The Millionaire Apprentice was released on Netflix in the US in January 2017 and received an icy reception, to say the least. Several critics had relatively harsh words against him: “on the verge of pedophilia”, “completely repulsive”, ambiguous terms that again prove that the rigor of society has evolved. A scene that recently made the rounds on the web again and forced the reactions of surprised Internet users. “I must have seen this movie two dozen times in my life, but I don’t remember this scene at all. I can imagine that my brain blocked this horror well,” explains one internet user. “Pedophilia is bad unless it’s an older woman and a little boy, as I can imagine,” continues another.

Please note that The Millionaire Apprentice is not available with us. However, there are other ways to watch it if you ever want to make up your mind after viewing this controversial scene. In any case, I’m not sure if Disney wants to see this film and even less if it wants to release it on Disney +.