Did you know that the character of Daniela Melchior in “O Esquadrão Suicida” has a connection to Portugal?


Did you know that the character of Daniela Melchior in “O Esquadrão Suicida” has a connection to Portugal?

NiT interviewed the 24-year-old actress who is one of the stars of the film that hits theaters this week.

The actress plays Ratcatcher II.

Over a year and a half ago we spoke to actress Daniela Melchior for the first time about her participation in “O Esquadrão Suicida”. At just 24 years of age, the Portuguese is on the verge of becoming a Hollywood star – the film, written and directed by James Gunn, opens in cinemas next Thursday, August 5th.

It is neither a sequel nor a remake of the film that premiered in 2016 – and which has received a lot of criticism from the trade press (and from many viewers) despite the fact that it has generated quite a bit of box office revenue. It is a different story, albeit with several characters in common, which has already received high praise in the first public reactions.

The upscale cast includes names such as Viola Davis, Idris Elba, John Cena, Sylvester Stallone, Joel Kinnaman, Margot Robbie, Michael Rooker, Nathan Fillion, Jai Courtney, Alice Braga and Pete Davidson.

This is the first step in Daniela Melchior’s international career. So far, the Portuguese actress had only appeared in five TVI soap operas, including “Ouro Verde”, “A Herdeira” and “Valor da Vida”; and in several national films, “O Caderno Negro” and “Parque Mayer”.

Daniela Melchior plays Ratcatcher II, one of the many villains in the complex Batman universe, but here she (like almost all of the protagonists) is an antihero. Read NiT’s interview with the actress.

How did you react when you realized that your role was going to be really important and even critical to the development of the story?
Truth be told, from the moment I first read the script, I realized how good it was and how good the movie was going to be. But I don’t think I recognized the dimension of my character [risos]. And that was never the focus. I’ve always enjoyed working with my characters who can see them from a distance and see the bigger picture. My focus is always on the character arc to open, tell and close a story.

But here, too, there is the advantage of being a kind of big business card for the international audience.
It’s true, it’s true I feel like I wasn’t just lucky enough to start with these actors that I’ve always admired and had the pleasure of … realizing that they’re really good people – and the director, too – me feel like I came in through the big door, or that I started with the right foot, or that I opened with a gold key, all the possible positive expressions [risos].

Which scene was the most difficult to shoot?
We had some challenges that didn’t keep our work in check, but I can say that there is a scene between Joel Kinnaman and Alice Braga that is very serious, has great emotional weight and just me, the David Dastmalchian, Idris Elba and Steve Agee were in the back and we couldn’t stop laughing. We just couldn’t keep our faces straight.

Is the fact that there are some references to Portugal in the context of your character also a reason to be proud?
Yes, of course. From the moment I realized that they were going to change the character’s origins because I was the one who got the role, I was very proud and also realized that it wasn’t going to go through the capital. Although I love and live in Lisbon, I was very happy that you talked about another city [o Porto] what is known, but not the most important thing that people associate with Portugal. Which is great. I hope people will want to go to Portugal – and not just the capital, but the rest. They will think that Portugal is not just Lisbon, that’s it.

Also, did you feel like the character was a little more yours, closer to you, because of that Portuguese context?
Yes, without a doubt, and in fact, it was my first film to speak in English and I had the option of having to work without an accent. I worked with my natural accent that I assumed and the truth is, I’ve worked it a little longer now, it’s not the same anymore, but I’m still proud of it.

Would you like there to be a sequel to this “Suicide Squad” or would it become a bigger and bigger saga?
Oh yes of course! I have heard of that. Even during the shoot, James already told us that he would like to continue telling this or a similar story. And James has already confirmed that he has made other versions of western films with the same characters, which I’m very excited about. can’t wait to be invited [risos].

Are you already applying or are you trying to take on other international roles? Is your goal straight?
Of course I did, I cast during the pandemic, but I can say I’m lucky I don’t have that much casting to do. Now we get direct role suggestions and I think it’s every actor’s dream to be able to do what he wants and what is most interesting for him, not what is out there, so to speak.

Is there already a confirmed project?
There are already confirmed projects, but not yet officially. But as soon as I can confirm that, I’ll be happy to do so.

To top it off, are there any action roles or characters that have nothing to do with this movie?
I can’t comment on that, but I can say that I’m just as excited about making them and communicating.