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DGS bans popcorn and soft drinks in cinemas

DGS bans popcorn and soft drinks in cinemas

The association warns that with this measure, many national rooms should even be closed.

Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, there is no more popcorn in the cinema. The consumption of food and drink in the rooms has been banned, a measure the sector believes to be unconstitutional and which fears that an activity that has already accumulated losses of over 80% will be finally ended.

According to Lusa, quoted by TSF, the legislative decree, which has been in force since Tuesday, regulating the current state of emergency, bans eating and drinking in theaters, namely in cinemas, in order to minimize the risk of infection.

For Paulo Santos, Director General of FEVIP, the Portuguese Association for the Defense of Audiovisual Works, “the icing on the cake to end the activity” after banning the evening sessions – which is 40%. Income at the box office – and on weekends from 1 p.m. This is because the cash receipts were currently many times higher than at the box office.

Selling popcorn and soft drinks was one of the few things that helped keep the rooms open, but this ban will close a lot of movie theaters, even the big ones that can’t pay rents, officials warned.


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