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DGB demands: Government must implement as many laws as possible | Free press

Berlin (dpa) – At the start of the coalition’s final weeks of government before the federal election campaign, the German trade union federation (DGB) is calling for as many legal announcements as possible to be made.

“It is bitter that there will probably no longer be a law against unreasonable deadlines,” said DGB boss Reiner Hoffmann of the German news agency in Berlin. At the same time, Hoffmann called for a course for the post-Corona crisis. “We urgently need to look at the post-pandemic time,” said Hoffmann. “Germany must solve the billions in investment backlog in daycare centers, schools and universities.”

The final three weeks of the Bundestag session in this parliamentary term begin next Monday, as Hoffmann explained. “The coalition now has to work through its list. Because then comes the federal election campaign, the election, and the formation of a government – a vacuum of months when it comes to new laws. “

Hoffmann cited the Law on the Modernization of the Works Council and the Law on Compliance with Human Rights in Global Supply Chains. Both projects will be discussed during public hearings in the Bundestag this Monday and will be decided in plenary this week. The supply chain law aims to ensure that no child labor or human rights violations occur in the production of clothing, electrical goods or food for the German market. The Works Councils Act is intended to facilitate the formation of employee representatives in companies. “These are important milestones,” said Hoffmann.

On the other hand, Hoffmann gives the announced law against fixed-term employment hardly a chance. “The employers are calling for a so-called burden moratorium, and the chancellery is blocking,” he said. “There cannot be any stress in the areas that are currently being hired on a large scale,” he said. “Logistics and mail order companies are booming during the pandemic. Nevertheless, many of the new hires here are temporary. “

Hoffmann called for lessons to be learned from the Corona crisis and the course for the time afterwards. “The pandemic has shown how unfair the school system is in many ways today,” he said. “Some can get a good digital offer, others lose.” It is also important to move towards the agreed goal of greenhouse gas neutrality by 2045. “Raising climate targets is one thing, now is the other to accelerate action to meet climate targets,” said Hoffmann. “It would endanger prosperity and be completely irresponsible to our children if we did not make very practical progress in these areas after the election.”

To do this, it is imperative to boost public investment in an ambitious way over the next ten years. “The federal government should take an example in its fiscal policy from North Rhine-Westphalia, which this year takes out loans with a 50-year repayment period,” said Hoffmann. That is the right way. “The coming years are likely to be characterized by low interest rates.” The DGB boss therefore called for massive investments in the modernization of Germany, including cheap loans. You need to spend more time on the refund.

“In addition, we need to reduce bureaucracy in planning and approval,” said Hoffmann. “When it comes to expanding renewables, we need to afford now and not afford years of debates and schedule approval procedures.”


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