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Berlin (dpa) – DGB boss Reiner Hoffmann has sharply criticized the tax plans of the CDU and CSU in the federal election campaign.

“It is complete nonsense to want to abolish solos for top earners,” said Hoffmann of the German news agency in Berlin. “The state would miss ten billion euros in tax revenue, which is much needed for investment.”

The CDU and CSU announced in their election manifesto: “We will phase out the solidarity surcharge for everyone while at the same time relieving small and medium incomes from income tax.” The solos were no longer available to almost all citizens this year. The ten percent with the highest income must continue to pay him.

For the Union, the abolition of the solos is part of an “unleashing package”. She is determined to oppose a wealth tax or higher estate taxes.

Union election manifesto «vague»

Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet (CDU) said on Sunday that he sees no room for tax breaks at the moment. Tax relief remains a problem for the CSU, according to state group leader Alexander Dobrindt. On Thursday, Laschet will be a guest at the retreat of the CSU members of the Bundestag in Bavaria.

Hoffmann said: “The Union remains sufficiently vague in its election manifesto.” But there are wrong signals at central points. “The DGB is in favor of tax breaks – but for lower and middle incomes.” The rich and the super-rich should contribute more to the community. “We need to take the burden off normal workers while putting more pressure on top earners.”

The DGB boss argued for a wealth tax and an inheritance tax, “that prevents us from ending up in a hereditary dynasty”.

“High time for massive investments”

Even before Corona, the need for investment was huge – with the pandemic this has worsened. “It is high time for massive private and public investment – if only because of the decarbonisation we now have to achieve in Germany.”

Hoffmann urged the abolition of the debt brake. “The debt brake is an investment brake,” he said. After the Bundestag lifted the debt brake for 2020 and 2021 in the Corona crisis, Chancellery Minister Helge Braun had campaigned for a few years to enable new debt. Laschet had refused. Hoffmann said: “Mr Laschet has recalled Chancellor Braun here, but the mass has not yet been read.”

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