Destiny 2 Lost Sector monthly calendar for Season of Plunder (November 1 to 30)

Future 2 Season 19 is roughly a month away, as the brand new content material and present seasonal challenges are nearly over. Whereas the upcoming reset will mark the ultimate week of Festivals, there are nonetheless loads of in-game farms each participant ought to sit up for day by day.

Misplaced Sectors, the first supply of Unique armor, has been the first endgame content material for solo gamers since Past Gentle. Every run may be accomplished in two difficulties: Legend and Grasp.

Since Season of Plunder has over a month left, everybody can observe this text to trace the upcoming Misplaced Sectors in November.

The listing will even embody Champion enemies and the upcoming Unique loots.

All upcoming Future 2 Misplaced Sectors and their respective Unique drops in November (2022)

Misplaced Sectors in Future 2 have been fairly viable since its launch, particularly after the launch of Past Gentle. Bungie determined to provide away Unique armor items of all courses by tying them in a separate loot pool. That is additionally an effective way to check one’s loadout, as modifiers could make life difficult for Guardians.

Season of Plunder’s upcoming weekly reset will even mark the primary day of November. Whereas the rotation of the Sectors will stay the identical, every reward sort will range. The listing of upcoming cycles in Misplaced Sectors is as follows:

First rotation

Fallen Sunstar Exotic Helmet for Warlocks in Lost Sector (Image via Destiny 2)
Fallen Sunstar Unique Helmet for Warlocks in Misplaced Sector (Picture through Future 2)
  • November 1: K1 Crew Quarters- Barrier Overload, Photo voltaic (Unique Legs).
  • November 2: K1 Logistics- Barrier, Overload, Arc, Photo voltaic (Unique Gauntlets).
  • November 3: K1 Communion- Barrier, Overload, Photo voltaic, Void (Unique Chest piece).
  • November 4: Skydock IV- Barrier, Unstoppable, Void (Unique Helmet).
  • November 5: Scavenger’s Den- Barrier, Overload, Arc (Unique Legs).
  • November 6: The Quarry- Barrier, Unstoppable, Photo voltaic, Void (Unique Gauntlets).
  • November 7: Excavation Web site XII- Barrier, Unstoppable, Arc (Unique Chest piece).
  • November 8: Hid Void- Barrier, Overload, Photo voltaic, Void (Unique Helmet).
  • November 9: Bunker E15- Barrier, Overload, Void (Unique Legs).
  • November 10: Perdition- Barrier, Overload, Arc, Void (Unique Gauntlets).
  • November 11: Conflux- Barrier, Unstoppable, Void (Unique Chest piece).
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Second rotation with completely different rewards

Gyrfalcon's Hauberk for Hunters this season (Image via Destiny 2)
Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk for Hunters this season (Picture through Future 2)
  • November 12: K1 Crew Quarters (Unique Helmet).
  • November 13: K1 Logistics (Unique Legs).
  • November 14: K1 Communion (Unique Gauntlets).
  • November 15: Skydock IV (Unique Chest piece).
  • November 16: Scavenger’s Den (Unique Helmet).
  • November 17: The Quarry (Unique Legs).
  • November 18: Excavation Web site XII (Unique Gauntlets).
  • November 19: Hid Void (Unique Chest piece).
  • November 20: Bunker E15 (Unique Helmet).
  • November 21: Perdition (Unique Legs).
  • November 22: Conflux (Unique Gauntlets).

Third rotation with completely different rewards

Hoarfrost Z for Titans was introduced in The Witch Queen (Image via Destiny 2)
Hoarfrost Z for Titans was launched in The Witch Queen (Picture through Future 2)
  • November 23: K1 Crew Quarters (Unique Chest piece).
  • November 24: K1 Logistics (Unique Helmet).
  • November 25: K1 Communion (Unique Legs).
  • November 26: Skydock IV (Unique Gauntlets).
  • November 27: Scavenger’s Den (Unique Chest piece).
  • November 28: The Quarry (Unique Helmet).
  • November 29: Excavation Web site XII (Unique Legs).
  • November 30: Hid Void (Unique Gauntlets).

Gamers can select to finish the Misplaced Sectors with every run by defeating each Champion enemy. This can finally result in a Platinum completion, growing a person’s possibilities of getting the Unique drop. Sometimes, Grasp Issue has a base improve in drop charges in comparison with Legend.

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