Destiny 2 King’s Fall raid Golgoroth challenge guide

Golgoroth is an enormous, ugly Hive Ogre that the Guardians should defeat in the course of the second encounter within the Future 2 King’s Fall raid. Whereas defeating this beast is a problem in itself, there’s one more job related to this total encounter as nicely.

Aside from making the general course of a bit tougher, Guardians who efficiently full these further raid encounters will obtain an additional weapon drop.

If accomplished within the Regular model, Guardians will obtain an extra common weapon drop. In case they full the problem on the Grasp model of the raid, they are going to obtain a Harrowed (Adept) model of one of many raid weapons.

That mentioned, here is every part they should know concerning the Golgoroth problem in Future 2 King’s Fall raid.

The way to full the Gaze Amaze problem in Future 2 King’s Fall raid


The Gaze Amaze problem in Future 2 dictates that Guardians should stand in a Pool of Reclaimed Gentle when Golgoroth’s gaze is taken away from them. Whereas this may increasingly sound very simple, it is difficult as a result of it requires a whole lot of co-ordination between the 2 gamers who hold buying and selling Golgoroth’s gaze. The general mechanics of the encounter stay the identical.

Listed here are all of the steps that Guardians have to carry out in an effort to full the Gaze Amaze problem in Future 2:

  • There are a complete of seven orbs within the room. Capturing the central orb triggers the encounter.
  • As soon as Golgoroth has spawned, one Guardian should take level and shoot the weak spot on his again, which is able to appeal to Golgoroth’s Gaze on them. The remainder of the staff will now have the prospect to wreck this Hive Ogre.
  • Whereas damaging it, Guardians may also should shoot one of many orbs on the ceiling. This drops a pool of Reclaimed Gentle. Standing on this gentle will enable them to deal further harm to Golgoroth.
  • This is the place the difficult bit begins. The Guardian who holds Golgoroth’s Gaze will slowly should make their technique to this pool of Reclaimed Gentle the place the opposite teammates are standing, whereas a second participant should sneak out and discover a great place to hit Golgoroth’s weak spot and draw its gaze to them.
  • This whole course of must be repeated for the complete encounter till Golgoroth is defeated.
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To finish this problem, the Guardian holding Golgoroth’s gaze should stand within the pool of Reclaimed Gentle earlier than the gaze is taken from them. In the event that they handle to do that all through the encounter, they’re going to full the Gaze Amaze problem in Future 2.


Nevertheless, there’s one thing else that Guardians want to recollect. When the participant with Golgoroth’s gaze stands within the pool of Reclaimed Gentle with the others, everybody can be subjected to taking harm. So, the staff should account for higher-survivability options like therapeutic rifts and therapeutic grenades till the gaze has shifted from them.

Guardians would possibly face some issue in finishing this problem first time round, however with correct coordination, they will soften Golgoroth like a pile of butter in a matter of minutes in Future 2 King’s Fall raid.