Despite the ban on demos: police in Berlin plans large-scale operation | Free press


A large number of demonstrations will take place in Berlin during Pentecost. Two major events were banned by the police – now the higher administrative court has decided to do so.

Berlin (AP) – Two planned major demonstrations by opponents of the Corona policy during Pentecost weekend in Berlin remain banned. After the administrative judge, the Higher Administrative Court (OVG) Berlin-Brandenburg also upheld the ban.

The negative experiences of the recent past with the expected group of participants from the “silk silk scene” justify the assumption that the necessary hygiene measures are not being adhered to in the prominent locations of the city, according to the OVG. The decisions are final.

The demonstrations were recorded under the title “For Peace, Freedom and Fundamental Rights” and each with 16,000 participants. Police had banned a number of demonstrations on the weekend of Pentecost because previous rallies had shown that the protesters would deliberately ignore the prescribed masks and distances. All prohibitions have been upheld by both courts.

Regardless of the court ruling, the police are planning a large-scale operation with about 3,000 police officers over the weekend. The support comes from other states and the federal police. People also need to be prepared for protesters not to abide by the bans, he said.

On Friday evening, protesters protested against the anti-corona measures with car parades. According to the police, hundreds of cars were on their way to Charlottenburg and there were also counter protests. The protesters on Theodor-Heuss-Platz raised the vote against vaccination and the “Corona dictatorship”.

A demonstration by Palestinian groups with 2,000 participants in Kreuzberg was also banned. However, two more demonstrations about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have been recorded. The larger of the two, a “protest rally against Israeli aggression in Palestine”, goes from Alexanderplatz to Potsdamer Platz with 2,000 participants.

A large demonstration “Against Rent Insanity” with 10,000 participants from Potsdamer Platz to Schöneberg is also planned. In addition, a bicycle demonstration is aimed against the further construction of the A100 motorway.

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