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The number of coronavirus infections in Denmark is significantly higher than in Germany, but the government there is taking a different course. The mask requirement is no longer there.

Copenhagen (dpa) – The last masks are also falling in Denmark: from Saturday you no longer have to wear mouth and nose protection in Germany’s northernmost neighbor, even when you are on a bus, train or ferry.

The mask requirement for standing passengers on local public transport was originally supposed to be lifted on September 1, but has now been cancelled, the Danish Ministry of Transport announced on Friday.

The reason for this is that the recommendation by the health authorities to keep a distance of one and a half meters in public places has been dropped. The ministry said it was “a natural consequence” that the obligation to wear a mask was abolished.

Danes have hardly had to wear face masks anymore since mid-June. The only exception now is air traffic: when you fly, the requirement for mouth and nose protection still applies, since air traffic falls under international rules according to the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management.

In the course of the far-reaching easing of corona restrictions, the number of new infections in Denmark has risen in recent months, but they have been stabilizing for some time. In the most recent comparative figures from the EU health authority ECDC, Denmark has a 14-day incidence that is five times higher than in Germany. Younger Danes in the larger cities in particular are currently infected with the corona virus.

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