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Demonstration in Berlin canceled – attacks on police | Free press

Berlin (dpa) – After violent and violent clashes between protesters and the police, the “revolutionary rally of May 1” with thousands of participants in Berlin was canceled.

The rally leader had ended the protest Saturday night after being attacked by the crowd, police said.

The “revolutionary May 1st demonstration” wanted to move from Hermannplatz in Neukölln to Kreuzberg, but part of it only reached Sonnenallee. The police had to defend themselves against violent attacks. In the Sonnenallee a shower of stones and bottles fell against the emergency services. Rioters dragged dumpsters and pallets onto the street and set them on fire. Flames flared up in various places. Police announced that they were using water cannons to extinguish burning obstacles in the roadway.

Police officers were repeatedly attacked as they tried to pull troublemakers from the crowd. There were arrests, police officers used pepper spray. Paramedics were on duty. Participants were also arrested at the Neukölln Arcaden. Police initially isolated a block of black-clad protesters near Neukölln town hall, with the result that the train split in two. Police said there were about 8,000 protesters. The protest must be directed against racism and capitalism, as well as against the rental policy.

Police spokesperson Thilo Cablitz said that part of the demo had violated corona rules. The other protesters could have moved on, but then the attacks began. The organizers of the demonstration accused the police of dividing the train on Karl-Marx-Strasse into two parts. Protesters were beaten for no reason.

SPD interior expert Tom Schreiber tweeted that left and right extremists don’t care about Covid-19. Both stand for hatred and violence against police officers. “They are enemies of democracy”.

Domestic Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) had previously said on the RBB evening show that if corona rules are not adhered to during the evening demonstration or if there were violent activities, disbanding the demonstration would be an option.

On May 1, a large number of police were deployed across the city. About 5,600 officials have secured numerous demonstrations since the morning. The main police force was supported by officials from different states and the federal police. According to the police, everything was peaceful during the day. By noon, nearly 60 reports had been received, mainly due to violations of the Infection Protection Act.

In the afternoon, many people unexpectedly took part in a kilometer-long bicycle parade through Berlin-Grunewald. About 10,000 cyclists rode through the residential area. The motto of the satirical demonstration was “Put Grunewald even more lame”. One of the posters said “fair rent instead of profit”. According to the police, the action was peaceful. Originally only 2500 participants were registered.

In a protest by about 200 opponents of the Corona restrictions in Berlin-Lichtenberg, police led more than a dozen participants aside without masks in the afternoon and recorded their personal details. There were reports of administrative violations.

In Hamburg, the police broke off a meeting for the Rote Flora with water cannons. Hundreds of people had gathered in the square in front of the left autonomous center in the afternoon, ignoring the minimum distance. After repeated requests to leave the square, two water cannons sprayed the street. In the evening, the police stopped an unauthorized demonstration by left-wing radicals and arrested about 150 protesters in Lohmühlenpark in St. Georg.

According to the police, a demonstration with about 80 left-wing extremists between the Schanzenpark and metro station Schlump was stopped at noon. There were occasional fights where officials pushed protesters off the street from the anarchist scene. A group of more than 40 protesters, mainly dressed in black, were surrounded by the police a little later at the exhibition halls. You have been taken into custody, a police spokesman said.

At a demonstration of left-wing groups in Frankfurt in May, police used batons on Saturday evening. A police spokesperson reported that fireworks and smoking pots were thrown during the demonstration. Officials were also attacked. The first arrests have therefore been made. Initially, the police did not use the clearly visible water cannons. Police spoke of at least 3,000 people who first gathered in Opernplatz for a “day of rage” and then marched through the station area.

In Leipzig, police reported fireworks thrown at their emergency services. According to this, about 200 participants in a previous meeting had moved towards the Connewitz district. However, mobile elevators are currently not allowed, a police spokesperson said. That’s why the police have gathered troops there. From a group of 20 to 30 people, pyrotechnic objects and objects were thrown at the police officers. Several suspects were subsequently arrested.

In Thuringian cities, white roses were filed in courts in response to the controversial mask judgment of a Weimar magistrate, in some cases calling the family judge “defender of the rule of law”. At the beginning of April he had suspended the mask requirement at two schools in Weimar. As a result, several complaints were filed against him. The public prosecutor’s office is now investigating whether the lawyer has exceeded his jurisdiction.

According to police, about 240 vehicles took part in a car parade in Erfurt, which the Thuringian AfD had called for on Labor Day. According to police, about 170 people took part in an NPD lift in Greifswald and the party also protested in Essen. The far-right party III demonstrated in Plauen, Saxony. Away, but the organizers had to be satisfied with 25 participants.

The biggest demo of the day on motorcycles took place in Bavaria. About 7,500 motorcyclists demonstrated in Nuremberg against possible driving bans on weekends. A year ago, the Federal Council recommended this to the federal government for special cases of conflict – that is, in communities where civilians are prone to engine noise.


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