Demi Lovato reveals that she was raped while filming Disney


Demi Lovato reveals that she was raped while filming Disney

The singer and actress reveals that she lost her virginity with this aggression.

For several years he was one of the rising stars of Disney. According to the singer and actress, going through the studios was deeply traumatic and resulted in an injury that is only now due to be released almost a decade later.

It will be revealed in the new documentary series Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil, which describes the details of a life plagued by well-known events, such as the overdose that barely cost him his life. but it also opens the door to new confessions.

“I lost my virginity through rape,” reveals the 28-year-old artist, who at the end does not offer any further details. It is known to have appeared in adolescence when he was one of the stars of the Disney cast and worked in several productions.

Without giving a name, he recalls that the violation began in a friendly meeting. “We had a good time, but I said ‘this can’t go on, I’m a virgin and I don’t want to lose her like that’. He didn’t care and he kept walking. I internalized it and told myself it was my fault because I went into the room with him anyway and got involved with him. “

Lovato found it hard to see what would have happened to him. “The southern Christian girl in me didn’t see him that way because sex was never normalized in my childhood or even where I lived. And you know what? Hell, I’m telling you my #MeToo story shows me what they did to me and that they never had any problems with it, they were never removed from the movie. “

Though she blamed herself, she would eventually admit the injury to some people she didn’t want to identify either.

Lovato, who passed the producer’s studios between the late 2000s and early 2010s, also explains that the perpetrator of the crime has never been identified or charged. “I’ve seen him the whole time,” he admits, leaving it up that he would have been one of his castmates.

Lovato recalls the time when it all happened, when she herself was part of the group of actors wearing the so-called “Ring of Purity,” a symbol that they would wait for marriage to have sex. The item, which was advertised by Catholic and Protestant organizations, was advertised by other Disney artists such as the Jonas brothers or Miley Cyrus.

He used it for example in 2008 when he joined a cast for the recordings of “Camp Rock” with the brothers Jonas, Meaghan Martin and Alyston Stoner – Lovato was only 15 years old.

The traumatic episode featured the actress trying to speak to the assailant a month after the rape. “I called him a month later and tried to do the right thing and take control [da situação]but that made me worse, ”he says.

The situation will have had a profound psychological impact, which could explain the downward spiral that led the actress and singer into a dangerous relationship with drugs. Lovato also addresses the well-known episode of the 2018 overdose when he suffered three strokes and a heart attack after taking heroin and crack in combination with fentanyl – an incident that left behind physical and mental illness. That night, she was also raped by her dealer.

The four-part documentary series will officially open in the US on March 23rd and will also address the eating disorders, misdiagnosis of bipolarity, addiction, and the tumultuous engagement that may be undone during childbirth.

The relationship with drugs is one of the central issues. It started early in youth and led to numerous family problems. It would become a public voice for sobriety and mental health, which tormented her, not least because she continued to consume behind the scenes.

One of the documentaries reveals images of Lovato congratulated on six years of sobriety. In the next scene he is holding a bottle of wine and asking for drugs.

In one of the reported moments, the artist threw herself into the substances as if it were a shopping spree: for the first time she consumed methamphetamines at the same time as cocaine, marijuana, alcohol and opiates. “That alone could have killed me,” he admits. He would die in the hospital three months later.