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Elderflower drink is a beverage being produced with the help of elderflower, a European flower. The elderflower is a flower of a European plant elderberry, having flavoring capabilities which promote its usage in food and beverages and pharmaceutical industry. Elderflower drinks are popular in Western Europe, and different types of elderflower drinks include tea, soda, soft drinks.

Among these drinks, soft drinks are available in multiple varieties and are readily consumed by the young generation of the regions. One of the main reason for the success of elderflower drinks is the delicate essence offered by the drinks. The global elderflower drink market is expected to witness significant market growth opportunities during the forecast period owing to its escalating demand in food and beverages industry.

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Market Drivers and Trends:

In Europe, elderflower soft drinks are known by name elderflower cordials. The elderflower cordials are generally rich in vitamin C and are helpful in reduction of cold and flu. One main restraint associated with the source of elderflower drinks is, that elderflower does consists of toxic alkaloids, this restraint is overcome by the cooking the elderflower, after which alkaloids are destroyed. The benefits offered by elderflower are directly reflected in some of the elderflower drinks which drives the elderflower drink market.

These benefits include purifying the blood, boosting the immune system, correcting functionalities of the kidney, relieving symptoms of respiratory allergies, and many more. Elderflower cordials are listed among the quite common non-alcoholic cocktail drinks.

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Market Segmentation:

The elderflower drink market is segmented on the basis of flavor, end use, distribution channel, and region. On the basis of flavor, the elderflower drink market is segmented into berries, pear, and others. On the basis of end use the global elderflower drink market is segmented into, food and beverages industry, HoReCa and household. The food and beverages industry is further sub-segmented into, tea, soda, and soft drinks.

Elderflower drinks are used with alcoholic beverages to experience the delightful nature of the drinks. The usage of elderflower drinks in HoReCa is expected to witness significant growth in comparison to other segments. On the basis of the distribution channel, the elderflower drink market is segmented into store-based retailing and online retailing. Store-based retailing can be further classified into modern grocery retailers and traditional grocery retailers.

Modern grocery retailers can be further sub-segmented into a convenience store, discount stores, and hypermarkets or supermarkets. The traditional grocery retailers can be further sub-segmented into food & drink specialty stores, independent small groceries, and others.

Market Regional Outlook:

The regional segment for the market of elderflower drink is divided into seven different regions: Western Europe, North America, Eastern Europe, Latin America, APEJ, Middle East & Africa and Japan. Since elderberry, the source of elderflower drinks is not cultivated all over the globe, so elderflower drinks are not available across all the regions in huge quantity.

The major availability of elderflower drinks is in North America and Europe, and the U.K .is one of the countries in Europe where the elderflower drinks market is gaining highest market growth. As the demand for elderflower drinks is increasing, APEJ is also participating in the providing a significant revenue share in the global elderflower drink market.

Market Key Players:

The key player in the elderflower drink market only includes Belvoir Fruit Farms Ltd., Bottlegreen Drinks Co., Ashbolt Farm, FRÏSA BEVERAGES, TEISSEIRE, Folkington’s, FEVER-TREE among others.

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