Delay deliveries of Biontech vaccines | Free press


Biontech has problems with the delivery of promised corona vaccines for Germany. However, a second vaccination should be arranged.

Berlin (dpa) – With the corona vaccinations in Germany, planned deliveries by major manufacturer Biontech and its US partner Pfizer are being postponed. As announced by the Federal Ministry of Health, the pledged supply quantity will be reduced in the first two weeks of June, according to Biontech.

The difference must then only be delivered and compensated in the two weeks of June 21 and June 28. Overall, the delivery promise for the current quarter will be kept.

According to the ministry, the postponement should not affect deliveries to vaccination centers in the federal states. Regarding the practices, the ministry said upcoming second vaccinations have been secured there. The first vaccinations should also be continued. As in vaccination centers, the practices expect more second vaccinations than first vaccinations in the coming weeks. The National Association of Statutory Health Insurers had previously announced that the practices would receive about a million fewer doses of Biontech than planned by the first week of June.

According to a current ministry survey, 50.3 million vaccine doses are expected from Biontech for the entire second quarter. There are also at least 12.4 million cans from Astrazeneca, 10.1 million cans from Johnson & Johnson and 6.4 million cans from Moderna.

A spokeswoman for Biontech said in the evening that weekly delivery forecasts were subject to ever smaller fluctuations, with the total quantity delivered as planned for the second quarter. The reason for fluctuations is, for example, the ongoing approval processes. “This is also the case with the current changes.” Biontech was able to significantly increase vaccine production to deliver a total of 250 million doses to the EU in the second quarter of 2021. The extra deliveries have been brought forward from the second half of the year and are therefore produced earlier.

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