Definition, History, and Conversion Table

What Is a Troy Ounce?

A troy ounce is a unit of measure used for weighing valuable metals that dates again to the Center Ages. Initially utilized in Troyes, France, one troy ounce is the same as 31.1034768 grams, in keeping with the U.Ok. Royal Mint.

One normal ounce (also called an avordupois ounce) is used to weigh different commodities corresponding to sugar and grain. A regular ounce is barely lower than a troy ounce, at 28.35 grams.

The troy ounce is to this present day the usual unit of measurement within the valuable metals market to make sure purity requirements. The troy ounce is usually abbreviated to learn “t oz” or “ouncest.” 

Key Takeaways

  • The troy ounce is a metric utilized in weighing valuable metals.
  • The troy ounce is the equal of 31.1034768 grams.
  • A regular ounce is the equal of 28.349 grams, or round 10% much less.
  • A troy pound (12 troy ounces) is lighter than an ordinary pound (14.6 troy ounces).
  • The troy ounce is the final remaining metric nonetheless used within the troy weighting system.

Understanding the Troy Ounce

The troy ounce is the one measure of the troy weighting system that’s nonetheless utilized in trendy occasions. It’s used within the pricing of metals, corresponding to gold, platinum, and silver. Thus, when costs of valuable metals are listed per-ounce, it’s usually referencing the troy ounce.

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It was additionally used when weighing sure gem stones. The troy weight system, nonetheless, has largely been changed by the carat system on the planet of valuable gems and stones.

Historical past of the Troy Ounce

The troy system for weights and measures is believed to have gotten its title from the French metropolis of Troyes, a enterprise hub within the Center Ages that attracted retailers from round Europe and Britain. In Troyes, retailers measured 480 grains of barley to equal a troy ounce, and 12 troy ounces equaled one troy pound. 

Some historians, nonetheless, consider the troy ounce had its origins in Roman occasions. Romans standardized their financial system utilizing bronze bars that may very well be damaged down into 12 items referred to as “uncia” or ounce, with each bit weighing round 31.1 grams.

As Europe’s financial significance grew from the tenth century onward, retailers got here from everywhere in the world to purchase and promote items there. It was, subsequently, essential to develop a brand new standardized financial weight system to make doing enterprise a lot simpler. Some consider the retailers of Troyes modeled their new financial system on the weights developed by their Roman ancestors.

Earlier than the adoption of the metric system throughout Europe, the French-born King Henry II of England adjusted the British coinage system to raised mirror the French troy system. The system was adjusted periodically, however troy weights, as we all know them immediately, had been first utilized in England within the fifteenth century.

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Previous to the adoption of the troy system, the British used an Anglo-Norman French system referred to as the avoirdupois system. The phrase means “items of weight” and was used to weigh each valuable metals and non-precious metallic items. By 1527, the troy ounce grew to become the official normal measurement for gold and silver in Britain, and the U.S. adopted swimsuit in 1828.

Troy Ounce vs. Ounce

The avoirdupois ounce, merely known as ounce (oz), is the usual used within the US to measure meals and different objects, excluding valuable metals and gems. It’s the equal of 28.349 grams or 437.5 grains. A troy ounce is slightly heavier, with a gram equal of 31.1. The distinction (2.751) could also be minute for a small amount, however may be substantial for big portions.

When the worth of gold is alleged to be US $653/ounce, the ounce being referred to is a troy ounce, not an ordinary ounce. As a result of a troy ounce is heavier than an ordinary ounce, there are 14.6 troy ounces—in comparison with 16 normal ounces—in a single pound. This pound is to not be confused with a troy pound, which is lighter and is made up of 12 troy ounces.

Troy Ounce Conversion

Beneath is a fast reference desk for changing troy ounces into different widespread weights.

Troy Ounce Conversion Desk
1 Troy Ounce =
 Customary Ounce  1.097
 Grams 31.103
Kilos 0.0685
Kilograms 0.0311
Grains 480
Pennyweight (dwt.) 20
Carats 155.517

The right way to Spend money on Treasured Metals

The distinction between a troy ounce and an avoirdupois ounce is of concern principally to traders in valuable metals.

Gold has traditionally been seen as the last word protected haven, though its market value is risky, not least due to its standing as an imperishable asset. However the age-old apply of utilizing gold and silver as a retailer of wealth has been joined in trendy occasions by two extra valuable metals:

  • Platinum is a relative newcomer to worldwide valuable metals buying and selling, having been “found” by Europeans in South America within the first half of the eighteenth century. This silvery-white metallic is utilized in high-end jewellery however its foremost use is in catalytic converters for autos. It additionally has makes use of within the chemical substances trade.
  • Palladium isn’t present in nature however may be extracted for industrial use from different metals together with platinum, copper, and zinc. It has the identical industrial makes use of as platinum and in addition is utilized in medical, dental, and electronics gear.

Methods to Spend money on Treasured Metals

Most trendy traders in all probability do not wish to purchase valuable metals by the troy ounce and stow them in a protected at house. Fortunately, there are trendy methods to put money into these metals:

  • Commodity exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or mutual funds are the straightforward solution to get into investing in valuable metals. Simply as with every fund, you do not take supply of the metals you personal by the fund, however you should buy and promote fund shares all the identical.
  • Frequent inventory shares of firms within the metals and mining sector are a extra direct solution to achieve a stake in valuable metals. They’re riskier, too. You are placing your cash on a single firm’s luck at finding and extracting the valuable stuff.
  • Futures and choices markets exist for valuable metals. Web entry has made all issues accessible however these markets are dominated by skilled merchants and institutional traders.
  • Gold certificates, as soon as a usable type of government-issued foreign money, can nonetheless be bought from some banks and funding firms. They’re principally a conveyable gold equal, however they’re not backed by the total religion and credit score of any authorities. They’re backed by the entity they’re bought from, with the potential danger that suggests.

Which Is Heavier: 1 oz. or 1 Troy Ounce?

A troy ounce is roughly 10% heavier than an ordinary ounce (1.0:1.097).

What Are Troy Ounces Used for As we speak?

Troy ounces are nonetheless utilized in measurements of valuable metals (like gold and silver) and gem stones. Most different items are weighed utilizing both the metric system or normal ounces.

What Is a Troy Pound?

A troy pound is 12 troy ounces (whereas an ordinary pound is 16 normal ounces). 1 troy pound = 0.823 kilos.

The Backside Line

Troy ounces are used to measure weights of gems and valuable metals. One troy ounce is the same as 1.097 normal ounces, making it round 10% heavier. The title dates again to the sixteenth century French city of Troyes, which was an essential commerce heart that standardized the troy ounce as 480 grains of barley.

Correction—Nov. 5, 2022: A earlier model of this text misstated the conversion quantities for a pound and a kilogram, because it pertains to the troy ounce.