Decisive week for Saxony-Anhalt coalition begins | Free press


Magdeburg / Berlin (dpa) – A week begins with decisive decisions for the black-red-green coalition of Saxony-Anhalt. How things proceed in the deadlocked dispute over the state treaty vote, which provides for an increase in broadcasting costs, will be the subject of political group meetings of the CDU (1:00 pm) and SPD (4:00 pm).

The coalition committee then meets regularly on Tuesday mornings. An important preliminary decision is on Wednesday, when the state parliament’s media commission will vote on which ballot it recommends for the plenary vote a week later.

Like the AfD, the CDU in Saxony-Anhalt rejects the higher broadcast costs. Together they would have a majority in parliament. Coalition partners SPD and Greens want the voice and also the plus for the public broadcasters.

Green group leader Cornelia Lüddemann spoke out on Sunday in favor of an approved vote: “We need a vote in the state parliament. We need a situation where every Member of Parliament can speak by name and vote and act in accordance with this state treaty. That would give moderates in the CDU faction an opportunity to vote for the state treaty and save the coalition.

Lüddemann emphasized, “We want this government, which was a bulwark against the right, to continue to run this country so that this bulwark does not fall.” CDU, SPD and Greens have been ruling together since 2016.

If Saxony-Anhalt does not agree with the controversial state treaty and thus the contribution increases by 86 cents to 18.36 euros, it will be completely destroyed. All countries must reach an agreement by the end of the year. In the event of a blockade in Saxony-Anhalt, broadcasters are expected to call the Federal Constitutional Court to denounce the adjustment calculated by an independent party.

Over the weekend, the SPD and the Greens on the one hand and the CDU on the other urged the respective opposing party to move within the coalition in Magdeburg. A number of prime ministers made it clear that the state treaty could not be renegotiated.

Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) criticized the fact that the three coalition parties in Saxony-Anhalt had agreed on the radio license that was “absolutely impossible” and impossible to maintain. “The fact that three parties, against their better judgment, write something like that in a coalition agreement and then get this whole country and with it this public broadcaster in trouble – that’s the real scandal, I think,” Kretschmer said on the ZDF broadcast. Berlin direct.

The Prime Minister of Hesse and the Federal Vice President of the CDU, Volker Bouffier, were behind Haseloff in the conflict over the CDU’s position on the AfD. “The attitude is clear … There can be no collaboration with the AfD. That is nothing new. We represent that all the time, ”said Bouffier of the ARD program“ Report from Berlin ”.

The party and faction leader of the left in Thuringia, Susanne Hennig-Wellsow, told the CDU in Saxony-Anhalt: “The fact that the AfD wants to undermine democracy with the means of democracy, everyone must be aware since February 5.” moment the CDU parliamentary group in Thuringia elected FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich, who also became prime minister with the help of the AfD, but resigned after national pressure. Parts of the CDU have their relationship with the AfD despite the “dam breach in Erfurt “not clarified and are clearly open to the right,” said Hennig-Wellsow of the “Rheinische Post” (Monday).

In the meantime, it is still open who will succeed Holger Stahlknecht as Minister of the Interior and party leader of the CDU in Saxony-Anhalt. Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (CDU) fired him on Friday following a disturbing interview in which Stahlknecht had spoken about the possibility of a minority government. Haseloff had always ruled out such a variant. Stahlknecht also announced his retirement as CDU land chief on Tuesday.

The state board discussed the top line-up on Sunday. Deputy bosses, Minister of Education Marco Tullner, ex-Minister of Finance André Schröder and Bundestag member Heike Brehmer will take over official affairs until further notice, together with General Secretary Sven Schulze. Tullner would be the “first point of contact and authorized representative,” according to a report from Sunday evening shows. Tullner and Schulze will represent the CDU on the coalition committee. Should there be a coalition committee on the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty in the coming days, Schulze will represent the party.

“These regulations are designed to ensure that the CDU Saxony-Anhalt is able to conduct business and take action until a new state administrator is elected,” he said. Depending on the pandemic situation, consideration is being given to bringing forward the state party conference scheduled for October 2, 2021 with the election of a new CDU state administrator. However, priority would be given to the state representative meetings scheduled for January 30, 2021 to compile the state lists for the 2021 state and federal elections.