Berlin (dpa) – Given the ongoing protests of the ‘lateral thinking’ movement with the participation of right-wing extremists, calls for constitutional protection are louder.

Berlin Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) told the German news agency: “We clearly see extremist and anti-Semitic tendencies. That is why the Office for the Protection of the Constitution must look very carefully. The head of the Conference of Ministers of the Interior, Georg Maier (SPD), Minister of the Interior of Thuringia, estimated in the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”: “In my opinion, it seems likely that one third of the participants in such demonstrations belongs to the extreme right-wing scene. “

Proponents of “lateral thinking” and offshoots of the movement have demonstrated in many cities in recent months against state-imposed restrictions during the Corona crisis. The mix of participants is diverse: it varies from rather bourgeois protesters, esotericists, peace movements to Reich citizens and openly right-wing extremists. A non-representative survey of “lateral thinkers” reported by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung revealed that Green and Left voters are among them, but sympathy for the AfD is growing among those involved.

The conference of the ministers of the interior wants to discuss the issue on Thursday. The Lower Saxony Minister of the Interior Boris Pistorius (SPD) had called for a quick check on the movement. Politicians in other states expect that a decision on a so-called test case can be made shortly. That would be the preliminary stage of a suspicious case in which the protection of the constitution could also use the resources of the secret service.

Maier said: “It is clear that the protagonists have personal contacts with right-wing extremists. That is an indication of anti-constitutionality, but it is not enough. “If there is enough evidence that ‘lateral thinking’ is an anti-constitutional organization, ‘lateral thinking’ must be perceived through the protection of the constitution,” said Maier. “It’s not about speed, it’s about quality. against defending, and it’s always bad when you lose in court. ‘

Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey (SPD) told Funke media group newspapers: “For groups that express themselves anti-constitutionally or plan an attack on democracy, the protection of the constitution must act.” This does not mean that everyone who went to such demonstrations would be considered enemies of the constitution.

However, the ‘lateral thinking’ initiator Ballweg had told the Dpa, ‘The movement is misrepresented. We are a peaceful movement and not a political party. Extremism, violence, anti-Semitism and inhuman ideas have as little place in the ‘lateral thinkers’ as the symbols of these ways of thinking.

A demonstration in Bremen was originally scheduled for Saturday, for which organizers had expected up to 20,000 people. The federal constitutional court upheld the ban. The Bremen police forced it with a huge contingent and also showed their presence with water cannons. According to her, despite the ban, some protesters from the ‘lateral thinking’ movement, including several hundred counter-protesters. 900 deportations were issued and 700 administrative offenses and 70 criminal offenses were reported.