Death Shift: The Bizarre True Story That Inspired New Netflix Horror Movie


Death Shift: The Bizarre True Story That Inspired New Netflix Horror Movie

It ranks in the top 10 streaming platform trends and focuses on a couple moving into a new home.

The film hit Netflix on August 4th.

Netflix relies heavily on horror films. After the debut of the trilogy of “Rua do Fedo”, based on the books by RL Stine, and the Italian production “A Classic Horror Story”, the streaming platform released “Modança Mortal”.

This Peter Winther film has been in the Netflix catalog since August 4th. The protagonists are Ashley Greene (“Twilight”) and Shawn Ashmore (“X-Men”), but the cast also includes Sharif Atkins, Britt Baron, Diana Hopper, Jamie Kaler and Travis Coles.

The focus of the story is the couple Kevin and Natalie, who are going through a difficult phase. Kevin’s job is to clean up crime scenes. After a cleaning service at a house in which the husband murders his wife and then commits suicide, he eventually gets the deal to keep the house at a reduced price.

Kevin and Natalie hope that this new step in moving into a new house can help resolve the issues between them – but what they have in front of them is a real nightmare when bizarre things happen.

The film didn’t receive critical acclaim from the industry’s critics, but it has been widely watched – it is among the top 10 streaming platform trends in Portugal. What many viewers may not know is that the plot is directly inspired by a real and equally strange story.

The story that inspired “Death Change”

It all happened in 2011. Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter had a baby, and Janice was nine months pregnant with their second child when they moved to a new home in San Diego, California.

Strange things happened quickly. First, the house was listed for sale on numerous real estate websites – which was bizarre since they had just bought it. They received visits from interested parties who wanted to purchase the residence.

Then, just like in the movie, Jerry and Janice ran into problems with the mail and the packages. They received magazines to which they had never subscribed, their normal mail no longer showed up, and neighbors received love cards as if they had been sent by Jerry and Janice. They even received a thousand dollar bill to pay for adult diapers.

Janice Ruhter and Jerry Rice fell victim to this crime.

The worst was yet to come. After Janice had the baby, the couple were horrified to find out that Janice had posted online advertisements – with her name, photo, and address – offering herself as a prostitute while her husband was away. The story was told in a 2015 article in People magazine, and these events lasted almost a year.

Who was behind all of this?

The culprit for all of these events that destroyed the lives of Janice Ruhter and Jerry Rice was Kathy Rowe, a 53-year-old woman who was unable to keep the house after the couple made a better deal.

Kathy Rowe pleaded guilty to the stalking crime, alleging sleep deprivation and the obligation to care for her disabled daughter and husband, who had health problems, caused her to behave in this way.

Kathy Rowe took the blame.

“I had such high hopes for this house. When I walked in, I felt that it was my home … It was like listening to nightingales singing and playing music, ”the woman told ABC. “I am perhaps the least loved person in San Diego County. A terrible, bad person who wanted to hurt this lovely couple. I didn’t want to hurt her. “

Kathy Rowe was given a five-year suspended sentence, including a year of electronic home surveillance. She also had to stay away from the couple for ten years.

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