Death did not say its last word in the cinema


The Final Destination saga has yet to say its last word. More than ten years after the fifth film was released, HBO Max has decided to start producing a new chapter of the horror license. With the added bonus of a director straight from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to direct the film.

Final Destination: a productive saga

Filmmaker James Wong directed the first opus of the Destination Final saga in the early 2000s. Written by Jeffrey Reddick and Glen Morgan, the feature film was particularly convincing because of its imaginative and original script. A story in which death manifests itself in the form of accidents and fates, and never physical or humanized. At the time, the film grossed over $ 112 million on a budget of $ 23 million. A mostly positive score that urges New Line Cinema to begin producing a saga. In the end, 5 episodes will see the light of day, the last dating from 2011. In total, the license has raised more than $ 667 million in box office receipts.

It should be noted, however, that episodes 4 and 5 of Warner Bros. In fact, New Line Cinema has merged with Warner Bros. since 2008 and has left the big company to manage the reins of the saga. Currently, the studio has just started production of a Final Destination 6 for release on HBO Max.

The return of the Final Destination saga

A new final destination is therefore underway. Warner recently hired screenwriters Lori Evans Taylor and Guy Busick (the duo behind the new Scream) to write Final Destination 6. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the script will be written and Warner will direct production, according to Watt. The latter is obviously famous for directing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy.

Nothing is known about this new story at this time. Logically, if the story follows the recipe of the saga, a hero should suddenly have a vision of death and spend the rest of his time avoiding the reaper. Apparently, Warner would keep the project for publication on the HBO Max platform. A decision that doesn’t seem to bother Jon Watts, who is very happy to join the project:

I was a big fan of Destination Finale right from the start. So the opportunity to work on a new story with the original team and New Line will be both fun and exciting.