Deadpool’s first cameo in the MCU is taking shape

A few days ago we started talking about Deadpool 3 thanks to the brand new information that had reached us. Today that’s a very different kind of message that just got to us, and it relates to Deadpool’s hypothetical first cameo on the MCU . We take stock of these “rumors” which have not yet been officially confirmed.

Deadpool in the MCU

Fans are desperately waiting for Deadpool’s introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unfortunately, given the astronomical amount of projects Ryan Reynolds is working on (around a dozen currently in various stages of development), one would think that it would be a long time before our dear Wade Wilson appears on the MCU.

In 2019, we identified the various options Marvel was considering to introduce Deadpool into the MCU. These options were then 3 in number:

A new Deadpool 3 style solo movie Disney series + Spider-Man 3 appearance

However, many theories wanted Deadpool to appear as the new character in Doctor Strange, thanks in particular to the journey to various alternate realities, but nothing very conclusive had drawn our attention to this issue so far. However, things can slowly but surely change.

Interactions we cannot wait to discover

According to WeGotThisCovered’s sources (which we all know aren’t always fair), Deadpool would make a cameo in Doctor Strange 2 that featured a particularly fun interaction between Deadpool and the title character, Dr. Strange would involve. According to the same sources, Wade Wilson would first talk to Dr. Strange clash before the duo formed a difficult alliance. The vicious nightmare (and possibly Shuma-Gorath) will then appear.

It will be necessary to take care of the threat elimination before Dr. Strange doesn’t go away in an alternate reality. We’d certainly talked about the new characters we could see in Doctor Strange 2 in the past, but we hadn’t recorded Deadpool yet. If the cameo is confirmed in the future, one could imagine Deadpool doing more before his own movie arrives. Disney has actually (finally!) Decided to start production of Deadpool 3. We only learned a few days ago that the third episode of Deadpool would keep its R-rated rating: very good news for fans.

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