Deadpool manages to escape from prison using a really disgusting technique

We’re used to seeing violent and bloody scenes with Deadpool, and that’s why it’s so important to fans that Deadpool movies are rated R-rated to preserve that trashy side. Recently, we even heard about the character’s latest escapade, which saw a limb cut to get out of a bad spot. Today we tackle worse.

Warning, this article contains loot related to the Savage Avengers # 17 comics. If you want to avoid it, read no further.

The duo of the day in Wild Avengers

The Savage Avengers comic book series is known for being cutthroat and has built a solid reputation over the years with memorable scenes that were sometimes incredibly violent. In the recently published issue # 17 of Savage Avengers, we find Conan, a regular in the comic book series, accompanied by the character of Deadpool.

Conan and Deadpool are both behind bars in Ryker’s Island Prison in New York. For his part, Conan was arrested for assaulting a police officer, a reason he finds as ridiculous as the security of the establishment. The reason for Deadpool’s imprisonment is unknown, but as a frequent visitor, he appears to be fairly familiar with the premises. This is the first time these two signs have crossed. In other circumstances, it would be fair to assume that the two characters could have enjoyed each other’s company. After all, these two share a similar moral orientation, are both men of action and answer the call to adventure whenever the doorbell rings. In this particular case, however, the violence dampens their potential future friendship as Conan views Wade’s healing powers as a ticket to regaining freedom.

Deadpool escapes from prison in a pool of blood

As you will see, Conan is not going to go deadpool with Deadpool as he will go so far as to destroy his cellmate to see the light of day again.

Conan tells Deadpool that he will be reborn free on the other side of the bars, and Deadpool begs him not to, but Conan doesn’t care: he forces him to crash into the bars until his body is completely crushed because of the Prison bars. This severe and agonizing squeezing causes all of Deadpool’s bones to break and its organs to burst. It is thus reduced to a puree state that flows along the bars (tempting, isn’t it?). A little later he is reborn from the ashes and retrieves the keys to the cell. Conan didn’t steal his nickname, and it’s certainly the bloodiest method we’ve seen in the comics of escaping a cell in fourth gear.

This kind of scene is unimaginable in any other Marvel Comics title, and that’s what makes the Savage Avengers so special. Conan the Barbarian and Deadpool form a strange but effective and persistent duo. We can’t wait to read more!

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