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Deadpool borrows bloody survival techniques from The Walking Dead

We’re pretty familiar with Deadpool’s antics, so nothing should really surprise us anymore. However, in the very last Deadpool comic, we saw a little connection to our favorite zombies. It is impossible not to give in to the tension: here is an article on the subject!

Warning, this article contains loot for the comic book Deadpool # 10. If you don’t want to read it, don’t read any further.

News about Deadpool

As a present for the beginning of this new year, Kelly Thompson, the famous American comic book author, decided to deliver a little drawing on Twitter that had fascinated us at the time. Here is the drawing in question:

As a reward for reaching 40,000 followers in 2020, here’s a sneak peek at a picture from @Garihiru for a project that will appear on yours in 2021!

Honestly the funniest thing I’ve done in comics this year I hope you will love it. #JeffTheLandshark #ItsJeff! pic.twitter.com/xUzidtK5tW

January 1, 2021

As a reward for helping us reach 40,000 subscribers in 2020, here’s a preview of an ongoing Marvel project with a picture by @Gurihiru for a project set to be released in 2021!

Honestly, this is the funniest thing I’ve got to do in comics this year. I hope you will love it. #JeffTheLandshark #ItsJeff!

Fans have of course recognized Jeff the Landshark (Jeff The Landshark in VO), who has appeared in previous comics and who is protected by Elsa Bloodstone. With this little drawing of Jeff the Land Shark, Kelly Thompson actually teased us about the events that would happen in Deadpool # 10, a comic we had to go back to.

Deadpool in Deadpool Comics # 10

Deadpool # 10 was released in the US on January 27th, 2021 and already talks a lot about him, and for good reason: We finally know more about Kelly Thompson and his team’s famous project.

To get you in the mood, Deadpool tries to fight an army of symbiots, Knull’s Dark Army, in Deadpool # 10. Unfortunately, Deadpool soon realizes that Jeff, one of the cutest characters in the entire Marvel Universe, has been infected by the opposing forces. When he tries to stop him, Jeff bites him and passes the symbiote on to Deadpool.

The survival supplies borrowed from Rick Grimes

Elsa, dismayed by the situation, reminds Deadpool that once infected he will become a simply indestructible force within Knull’s army. Deadpool replies that he is quite ready to cut a member without breaking an eyelid to prevent anything evil from taking possession of his body. Neither one nor two, Deadpool, cut his arm in a blood bath with his sword to cleanse his body of debris.

This gesture, of course, reminds us of the many amputations that Rick Grimes performed in the universe of The Walking Dead to prevent the infection from spreading throughout the body. This is certainly a nasty strategy, but it is the last resort before switching. As part of Deadpool, his arm grows back thanks to his regenerative abilities. The crisis was avoided (we must not imagine what a Deadpool would have been in Knull’s ranks …).

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