DC, Marvel, Star Wars … 10 films with completely unusual CGIs


There is a world where special effects dominate cinema. And between the digital replica of Robert Downey Jr. As Iron-Man in Avengers: Endgame and the first special effects by Georges Méliès, there is almost 100 years of cinema history. And there are some really, really bad special effects this century. These are the ones we are going to talk about today with a range of CGI effects that have or will cause nightmares.

1) Superman’s mustache

You know the story, we all know it and that’s why we’re talking about it right now. For the film Justice League there was what we would call “Mustache Gate” in French. Put simply, Henry Cavill, who plays Superman, was in the cast of Mission Impossible: Fallout while Justice League was being made. In that other film, he had to wear a big mustache. Big mustache that he couldn’t shave. It was digitally erased and if you know it will be displayed. Yes, it is very obvious that something is missing at this point between the nose and the mouth. No amount has been disclosed yet, but a minimum retouch of at least $ 500,000 is estimated for the entire film.

2) The rock in the mummy 2

Another very well-known example, and that’s why it’s at the beginning of this tip. That way, we’ll get rid of it quickly. With all of our love for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, it’s usually ugly. It’s very ugly. The special effects of The Mummy 2 were too greedy for the techniques of the time, it looks like the old Mortal Kombat movie from 1995 and yet they are six years apart.

3) weapons in ET

If you’re familiar with South Park, you may have wondered why in some episodes with Spielberg the characters use walkie-talkies as a weapon. Go no further, it’s from the ET movie.Like George Lucas later in this top, ET’s director decided to add or change something in the special edition of his movie. From now on, the FBI agents responsible for intercepting the alien are no longer armed with hunting rifles, but with remote communication devices (which can, however, be used to call other armed agents). Spielberg will later apologize for such a change.

4) John Wick’s dog poop

Nobody touches John Wick’s dog. It is known. But that didn’t stop the people who worked on the film from literally doing shit. Poop, which would have cost around $ 5,000 to digitally produce. Where they could buy good croquettes cheaply at a Pyrenean patou and get the same results a few hours later.

5) The baby in the twilight

If you are interested in robotics, there is one concept that you cannot ignore. It’s that of the distracting valley. Put simply, the Disturbing Valley describes the situation you find yourself in when a robot or artificial image is realistic enough to look like a human, but with a few strange details that differ and disrupt reality. The Twilight Baby: Revelation Part 2 is a perfect definition, judge for yourself. Especially since you wonder like John Wick’s dog stool why the production digitally created a baby. But it’s not the babies that are missing, is it?

6) the pear from Star Wars Episode II

This makes me laugh a lot personally. Because I can’t help but think “Why?” In Attack of the Clones, during dinner between Padme and Anakin, the latter has fun flying a pear to dredge his future victim. Not only is it ugly, this scene has no interest either. Were those who managed to fly ships in space so proud of their digital pear that they wrote an entire scene about it? Pear is an important element in Star Wars mythology? Did Padmé cut fructose fantasies while editing? We let you cut the pear in half.

7) Wolverines Blades in X-Men Origins

We return to superheroes with our old friend Hugh Jackman in his flagship role as Wolverine. X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which was released in 2009, is not a very good movie already, but at least we know that not all of the budget was spent on animating the main character’s claws, as they are of more than dubious quality. deserves one of the best machinima World of Warcraft.

8) cats. The whole movie.

I will never be objective to speak ill of cats. I really like the movie and the (multi-award-winning) musical it’s from, and yet we have to talk about the special effects. Instead of dressing everyone up as a cat, the director decided to trust the CGI. Production problems later, the first versions of the film that were released in theaters were not completed. Thus, the zippers and the actors’ hands were still visible on the screen. Grab some chips, some pals, and just for the giggles Idris Elba and Taylor Swift provoke in chat, Cats is worth it.

9) The King Kong Dinosaurs 2005

This time it’s not really a CGI problem, it’s a poorly embedded green background. In Peter Jackson’s King Kong, our protagonists are followed by a herd of dinosaurs. It seems that the characters and the scenery evolve in two different dimensions, reminiscent of the old green backgrounds of the car scenes in our grandparents’ films. The digital is visible on the screen and we really have the feeling that the actors are walking on location. Annoying. Hopefully the next King Kong vs Godzilla movie is better.

10) The James Bond Iceberg: Tomorrow Never Dies

It is not a shot that is overlooked here, but an entire scene. In Tomorrow Never Dies, the final James Bond to be played by Pierce Brosnan before giving way to Daniel Craig surfing the ice floes during a tsunami. Why not, it’s James Bond after all. Except that the water is gelatinous and the actor’s digital animation model is rigid. Sounds more like an Action Man commercial than an epic and dangerous movie scene.