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David Carreira is preparing a special live on April 25th (which will be “almost a program”)

We are in Lisbon and on a sunny and relatively hot day in the center of Parque Eduardo VII we are showing the first signs of a lack of definition. David Carreira joined his usual band to recreate a small concert in the middle of the garden. It’s April 12th.

On the paths that surround this area of ​​the park – and with a privileged view of what’s going on (and the Tagus in the background) – several people pause their walks to look down in strange ways. One of those people who see it all up there is David’s father, Tony Carreira. Many are surprised and wonder if the 29-year-old singer will record a new video.

That is not the correct answer, but we also do not blame anyone for dismissing a hunch. David Carreira is doing something practically unprecedented, a live made up of several small performances interspersed with moments of entertainment in what he describes on television as “almost like a broadcast”. The live “Bom para Portugal” will be broadcast on Sunday, April 25th from 6pm on the musician’s YouTube channel. It is the successor to “Amor em Casa”, another live broadcast on the same platform at the beginning of February, which 90,000 people watched live and which has already recorded more than a million and 900,000 views.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020, I was thinking about living several lives throughout the year so as not to be stopped,” explains David NiT. “For us musicians this is a really terrible phase. Because there is no work: neither for me, nor for the technical team, nor for the band, nor for all the people who make these projects possible. So it’s about finding a way to work and keep doing what we want. Because you haven’t given a concert in front of an audience for a year and a half, it’s very difficult for a person who makes a living from it and is used to going on tour. This is one way of doing it. You don’t have an audience in front of you, but you are a digital leader. “

They are not real performances – they are staged as if they were video clips as the sound is not recorded live. In Lisbon, one of the cities selected for this live, NiT followed the performance of David Carreira in the center of Parque Eduardo VII with guests Soraia Ramos and Nena (who caught David’s attention precisely because he wrote his single “Portas do Sol ” would have). ”, Allusion to the city).

David Carreira also invited Soraia Ramos to Lisbon.

“This live has a concept where the idea was to show what we have in Portugal. And we went to different areas to show the people here – or outside – that if we can travel, they “travel in Portugal” and know what is ours. “

In addition to Lisbon, David Carreira was on recordings in the Azores, where he took Syro with him. he went to Pinhel, where he was accompanied by Fernando Daniel; received Anselmo Ralph in Elvas; and he went to his father’s land, Pampilhosa da Serra, where he was with his brother Mickael and dos Anjos.

“Pampilhosa da Serra is like my home because my father was born there and I got used to going there in summer for parties, the accordion, in this wave of summer parties. As there was no last year, it shows to visit our country. “

In the Azores, he says, he was on the island of Faial, where he passed the legendary Peter Café Sport. “At the beginning of the pandemic, the boats docked but had to be quarantined and could not go to Faial. Those at Peter’s went there to ask what they needed and wanted to provide food and free water. And the idea is to show good things that these people have done for Portugal and how the artists who are in a difficult phase keep releasing music. I think it’s good for people to take a bit off their heads, to have culture, to have music in this very difficult phase. “

The team reviews the footage.

In addition to the music, there are a number of games or entertainment experiences with guests. “It is very interesting for you to give music, but also entertainment. And to show a human side that people may not know that much about – and so do my guests. I think it is very important to show this at this point. Above all, the motto is: positivity, continue to believe, do what we want, and be positive in this very dramatic phase. “

In Lisbon, David Carreira also met the motorcycle racer Miguel Oliveira. “He likes music and I made him a challenge.” At the same time, he paid homage to the April 25 revolution.

“One of the things we will focus on is the importance of that date. It is obvious that the revolution was not only here, but also played a very important role here, and then we will talk more about this date. For our generation who did not live it, it is our responsibility to remember and say: We have our freedom because it happened on April 25th. And it’s pretty much exchanging our views on what freedom is to us. What are the freedoms that are essential in your life? “

And he adds: “The idea is always to go through landscapes that show nature. It’s difficult in Lisbon [risos]That is why we chose this place where it has more green and natural beauty. And throughout life we ​​will also conduct interviews and walk in other places to make known not only Parque Eduardo VII, but also other places in the cities. We will show the house of the people of the Armador village in my home village, which has about 50 inhabitants. We went to dairy cows in the Azores and I think it’s funny, people don’t wait for me to milk a cow [risos]. Because we met some pastors there who said, “Tomorrow, come to us for dinner, let’s cook a goat, it’ll be a top” and I said, “Well, let’s do it”. And suddenly “we have two cows here that need to be milked” and I “do it”. And two little goats were born, one named Syro and the other David [risos]. It’s pretty cool, it’s a very deconstructed, very simple, humble and fresh way of showing what we have in Portugal. “

Nena was the other guest from Lisbon.

David Carreira also says that there will be a game with Fernando Daniel in Pinhel that is about “spilling your bowels or filling your bowels”. “Either you answer a difficult question or you eat a terrible dish – but really terrible.” And there will also be “a game with Anselmo connected with snacks, with local producers”. At Pampilhosa da Serra, I expected that there would be a likelihood that distant cousins ​​and uncles would join them, and through this life there was room for spontaneous and improvised moments.

“We will tell about our experiences when we were children there. Where did we go For example, you have the church where everyone wanted to pee but where all the first kisses happened. And I never understood why: this place behind the church has these two peculiarities that have nothing to do with each other. And I think it’s fun to tell our experiences, it will be a very fun life. You may or may not like the music, but there’s entertainment too. “

David Carreira is part of the cast of the TVI soap opera “Bem Me Quer” and says he has “other fiction projects” on his hands, but emphasizes that he misses his job very much. “I’m a singer. I like to do projects as an actor from time to time, but the basic job is to be a singer. I miss you very much, I’m sorry, we don’t have the opportunity to start the concerts again at the moment. So it’s about finding a way to satisfy that desire and also the audience, to have new things and to be able to go to concerts, this is the only way we have found and I hope our state will find a way is going to bring all the artists that are at home to work. All the technicians, the musicians. This is a little way of mine. But if we all got together to do more of these things I think it would be good . Even if it’s on TV, it doesn’t just have to be digital. There are many platforms being created. And I think it’s the way to force those who have the opportunity to help the musicians during this time. “Let’s Do things, reinvent ourselves. “

Five goals make up life.

Regarding the future, the singer says that this type of initiative can continue, but in a different way. “Maybe if I can sing in front of an audience… If I do projects like this, it may be with less music. And this is a project for Portugal and not just digital but also for the whole world. When I go to Porto, Braga, Algarve, Lisbon, the people who live in Luxembourg, Brazil, the United States and Switzerland don’t have a chance to go to the concert. Why not reinvent us and expand it to include those who don’t get the chance to go to your show but like your music? “

And he sums it up: “We could decide not to do anything, and when that opens up again, we started. Maybe it would be more logical economically. But not. We like what we do and we have a responsibility to keep creating. “

The official poster.


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