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David Ayer reveals the differences between his film version and the cinema version

In response to fans expecting Warner Bros. to release the original version of the third DCEU film, Suicide Squad, David Ayer decided to speak up on Twitter. Confiding that his work is a reflection of his personal experiences, the director pointed out the differences between his version and that of Warner released in theaters.

David Ayer doesn’t seem to want to release “Ayer Cut” by Suicid Squad

Keep in mind that Suicide Squad experienced chaotic post-production after its release in 2016. Following criticism of Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman, which was viewed as too dark, California studio asked David Ayer to do re-shoots to make Suicide Squad as funny and as funny as possible. However, the rendering did not end with success. The director was silent for years before publicly acknowledging that this is not his version. Regarding Zack Snyder, who had the opportunity to direct the Justice League’s Snyder Cut, fans called for an “Ayer Cut” from Suicide Squad. However, the first version is unlikely to see the light of day.

It’s my turn … https://t.co/E5uumAwvdp pic.twitter.com/ckr9kzeGFD

July 29, 2021

I never told my side of the story, and I never will. I respect my contracts. I’m from the old school, that’s the way it is. I’m silent and suffer the tsunami of criticism, sometimes scandalously personal. Why ? Because that’s what I’ve always done in my life.

In return, David Ayer revealed what his version of the film looked like. It would be accompanied by the Steven Price soundtrack. The credits would contain “no radio songs”. On the other hand, “character storylines”, “incredible achievements” and “solid final resolution” would be displayed. Only a very small circle of his acquaintances would have seen this first film.

The real Suicide Squad would be a complex and moving travelogue

David Ayer emphasized that Suicide Squad is a work that has embodied his whole life and of which he is particularly proud.

My version is a complex and moving journey of “malicious people” who we fall for and who we reject (a subject that appeals to me).

Thus none of the versions in circulation is from David Ayer. The 2016 Suicide Squad would be a fully fledged version signed by Lee Smith (one of the studio’s editors) with the help of John Gilroy (the editor-in-chief).

Fans can at least be satisfied with The Suicide Squad, this year’s DCEU film by James Gunn.


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