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David Attenborough’s new book tells the stories of his early travels

David Attenborough’s new book tells the stories of his early travels

He will tell us about the island of Madagascar, a ceremony in Tonga and the hidden artifacts of the northern Australian territory.

David Attenborough, the 95-year-old naturalist, has had a busy year with multiple projects. For example, a miniseries and a film premiered on Netflix, both of which, of course, related to planet Earth. Now one of the inevitable names on the BBC is preparing to release a new book: Trips to the Other Side of the World.

This work, written by Attenborough, tells of some of his first trips from the 1950s onwards, which took him around the world, from Madagascar and New Guinea to the Pacific Islands and the territory of Northern Australia. Here the naturalist and his cameraman wanted to show not only the nature of these remote places, but also the way of life of indigenous peoples, whose traditions were unknown to everyone.

From the island divers at Pentecost and the singing of New Guinea to the Kava Real ceremony in Tonga and prehistoric Australian art, “Trips to the Other Side of the World” covers topics we didn’t even know existed, always with a perspective team of authors who have always dealt with things seriously, but also with a bit of humor.

“Every year for a decade, between 1954 and 1964, I was fortunate enough to travel to the tropics and make films about natural history. More than seventy years have passed since we returned from the last of these trips. A lot has changed, which is not exactly surprising. However, I have essentially left the accounts of these places and events as I wrote them, ”says David Attenborough.

The new book by the presenter of the wildlife program will be published on August 5th in Portugal by the publisher “Temas e Debates”. The work has 424 pages and is available for € 22.20.

You can also read the NiT article which talks about the highlights of David Attenborough’s unique career spanning more than seven decades.


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