Dave Bautista has a clear vision of the villain he wants to play at DC Comics

After Dave Bautista exploded on the WWE side, he had new ambitions. These also drove him straight to Hollywood, where the actor has actually made it to the big screen ever since.

Dave Bautista shows his ambitions

The ex-wrestling superstar led the way. From WWE rings to movie sets, there seems to be only one step. The actor has proven it for several years.

Dave Bautista connects blockbusters one after the other. Since 2014, the great movie star has been inducted into the Marvel universe as Guardians of the Galaxy. This role literally drove him and allowed him to attract the attention of many producers.

However, Dave Bautista is not a man to be let go of. The actor has dreams that made him turn to cinema and now seems determined to make them come true. One of them would be to go to the enemy and play a major evil from the DC Comics universe.

A future at DC?

At Justice Con, Dave Bautista made more than impressive remarks. It’s no secret that everyone knows that our Guardian of the Galaxy has long wanted to play as the villain from the Batman universe.

He was therefore asked a question along these lines. During the event, the actor was asked which Batman villain would best suit him. Dave Bautista answered bluntly:

Oh that would be Bane. Without hesitation. Besides, I never hid from it. I wanted to play Bane so badly that I went straight to Warner Bros. I went on a date with DC Comics. I had barely walked through the door when I said, “I want to play Bane.” I’m not joking. They seemed to be saying, “Wow, we’re not even looking for another curse.” I told them, “I don’t care, I want to play it.”

Unfortunately, the return of Bane is not yet in the program of the next DC productions. Neither The Suicide Squad nor The Batman have any plans to add the villain to their cast.

Keep in mind this is not the first time Dave Bautista has given such bars to Warner Bros. In the past, the actor, who will soon be found in Army of The Dead, has already expressed an interest in giving the vicious Clayface his facial features.

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