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How to find a partner to talk to about “Germany Speaks”

Does Germany care too little about the East Germans? No, says the director from Central Saxony. Yes, the transport planner from Bonn answers. Well, you would actually have guessed the answers the other way around. So your first meeting promises to be exciting. In a few days they will get to know each other, probably via video, because the face-to-face meeting is still difficult today. When the Middle Saxon woman in her late fifties and the North Rhine-Westphalian woman in her late thirties see each other for the first time, they know almost nothing about each other. Only so much: when it comes to assessing socio-political issues, they are not exactly on the same wavelength.

How did they find each other? About “Germany speaks” – a kind of dating platform for political disputes. At the initiative of “Zeit online”, various national media are now participating, including the “Free Press” for the first time this year. The aim is to bring people with very different views on politics and society into conversation with each other – in times when the constructive debate threatens to be lost, arguments are sometimes no longer heard. By answering eight yes / no questions, interested parties are guided to the online registration. Since “Germany Speaks” started on Monday, more than 3,000 participants have already registered. The more they answer the questions differently, for example about the federal emergency brake, rent limits and Russian sanctions, the better they fit together. The dialog pairs are formed using an algorithm; in the first round, nearly 1000 dates were ranked for argument. If the participants agree, a reporter hears this, but is not allowed to intervene. So the Central Saxon teacher and the traffic planner Bonn stay together. They answered seven of the eight questions differently.

We wish you many discussions!

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