Darkseid is more powerful than ever thanks to these new powers

When Zack Snyder was planning the sequels to Justice League 2 and Justice League 3, he also had ambitions to make Darkseid the main antagonist of the trilogy. The Snyder Cut gave a glimpse into a future where Darkseid will conquer the earth and eventually get his hands on the anti-life equation. However, Darkseid’s ambitions may well come true in other ways.

Warning: This item contains loot for Justice League: Last Ride # 6 by Chip Zdarsky and Miguel Mendonça. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to read it.

Darkseid in Justice League: Last Ride

In previous editions of Justice League: Last Ride by screenwriter Chip Zdarsky and artist Miguel Mendonca, the League believed Darkseid was defeated by destroying the central battery on Oa Loss of the Martian Hunter (also known by his Martian name J’onn J’onzz), an act that led to the collapse of the league.

Although Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) has finally convinced Earth’s greatest heroes to band together on one final mission to protect Lobo from the New Gods of New Genesis, things go wrong. It is actually revealed that Darkseid is still alive and that he somehow manipulated Hal Jordan to be reborn and get into an even more powerful form.

A green lantern stronger than ever

Darkseid is reborn in Justice League: Last Ride # 6 thanks to Jordan and the destruction of the central battery with the immense power of a Green Lantern. Darkseid is now the most powerful Green Lantern in the DC universe. Simple.

We also learn that Lobo secretly worked for him to get the League back on and convince them to hide the galactic bounty hunter on the remains of Apokolips. Batman eventually learns of Darkseid’s plans, but it’s far too late to stop him as Darkseid has begun to unleash his demonic power back onto the DC Universe.

Now the members of the league must put their differences aside to face a Darkseid more powerful than ever. It looks bleak for the heroes of the DC Universe. Gaining the power of the Green Lanterns made Darkseid incredibly dangerous (even more so than he already was). Add to that the fact that the league is so broken (with the friendship between Batman and Superman no longer) the challenge will be tough to complete unless all members find a way out. And by the way, if you want to know who is Superman’s strongest enemy between Darkseid and Doomsday, you can read our previous article on the subject.

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