Daniela Ruah will make her debut as a director (in the series she is in)


Daniela Ruah will make her debut as a director (in the series she is in)

The actress has stood out in Criminal Investigation: Los Angeles for 12 years. Now a new responsibility has come behind the camera.

The actress is one of the protagonists of “NCIS”.

It was in Portuguese soap operas like “Jardins Proibidos” and “Filha do Mar” that stood out. But the actress has made the US her home for more than a decade. Now Daniela Ruah has a new challenge ahead of her.

In 2009, “Criminal Investigation: Los Angeles” aired on the CBS television station and continues to be a hit on Sundays. Currently in season 12, the series aired here by Fox will feature an episode by the Portuguese actress.

The premiere will take place in early 2021, especially during the filming of the 11th episode of the current season of the investigation series, which will be shot in the usual Los Angeles city.

For the actress, this is a special opportunity to lead people who have been considered a family for 12 years. “Over the years I have had the privilege of seeing and learning from some of the best television directors. That’s why I feel ready to master this new challenge. Especially at a time when everything is becoming more complex due to the restrictions in the organization and execution of a series caused by Covid-19, ”explains Daniela Ruah in a statement to which NiT had access.

Keep in mind that the actress is part of a cast that includes names like Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J, and his brother-in-law Eric Christian Olsen.