Daniel: the candidate of “The Voice” who sings opera and wants to be president of the junta


Daniel Fernandes, João Leote, Francisca Oliveira, Mariana Rocha, Edmundo Inácio, Rodrigo Lourenço, Maria Inês Graça and João Neves. The next winner of “The Voice Portugal” is on this list of names. These are the participants who have qualified for the semi-final gala, which will be broadcast live next Sunday, January 16. The final takes place a week later.

One of the most outstanding competitors is Daniel Fernandes. The 22-year-old from Amares in the Braga district sings opera. The last theme she performed on “The Voice” was a lyrical vocal version of “O Amor a Portugal” by Dulce Pontes and Ennio Morricone.

Daniel Fernandes, who is part of Diogo Piçarra’s team, was one of the competitors who secured a place in the semifinals through the public voting. “A person comes to a point where there doesn’t seem to be many words left to describe him. On the one hand, I was very happy that the audience voted and that I made it to the semi-finals. On the other hand, I was also sad to leave Aliança Velha and Matheus Alcantara, who already had a friendship ”, the singer explains to NiT.

Another special moment of this last gala is that the production decided to surprise Daniel Fernandes. They brought his maternal grandmother, Alice, one of the people who raised him and who he lives with, to surprise him on The Voice stage. Daniel had tried to call home during the day, but the two great-aunts he lives with said that Grandma Alice was busy in the bathroom and couldn’t answer.

“After all, I was in Lisbon. Incidentally, had no suspicions. From production, they asked me if I had anyone in the family. I said no because I’d rather leave the three of them at home than just come one or two, because the elders can’t and in order not to be home alone … I didn’t even expect them to bring her with them. At first I didn’t even know who it was. after Catarina [Furtado] told me to stay and I: what did I do wrong? I was nervous and then didn’t even realize who it was. And when I saw the videos they made with my aunts, I almost cried before I sang. “

How it all started

Daniel Fernandes was “10 or 11 years old” when he started singing in the choir of his parish Lago. “When I was going to mass, I heard a person sing the psalm and said to my aunt, I loved singing like this girl in church. “So let’s go to the choir and see how it is and sign up,” said my aunt. “

A year or two later he sang “Aleluia” alone. “And I had to pee at home before singing, with my nerves. I got there and had to do it all over again, and before ‘Aleluia’ I had to pee some more and come running. The pastor was already nervous and the music started to play and I came running, it happened to me several times. Then I started singing psalms. And trembled all over. “

Later one of Daniel’s great aunts suggested that he sign up for singing lessons because he was enjoying it so much. He started taking half an hour of classes a week. “First I started by knowing and knowing how to control the voice, how to sing, etc. Then my teacher asked me if I wanted to sing more commercial music or move on to lyrical music. And I understood that in opera, in lyric, I was driven much more by the voice. That is, I was able to achieve much higher notes. And the commercials, I don’t mean they’re simpler, but they were softer, with fewer tones … not that high and strong. I was always lyrical, I chose this record. I have not made up my mind. The recording chose me because my voice chose it, because it feels best there. “

At first he saw singing as a hobby, but after taking singing lessons he began to think that he could get a little more professional in his life – something “that he could take more seriously”. “But then I started taking the national exams to get to university, to think about leaving, jobs… I put that on hold completely. I kept singing, but I haven’t invested as much as I should or I am investing now. Because I was thinking of other career opportunities. And now I have to go to ‘The Voice’ and it’s going well. “

In fact, Daniel Fernandes had wanted to be on The Voice for several years. Only he never remembered to register in time. “I always forgot. I should apply last year or two years ago. I only remembered in the blind test, I looked for the inscriptions and it was all over … This time they reminded me, so I left. I’ve been thinking about going to ‘The Voice’ since eighth or ninth grade. “

In 2021 he registered on time and passed the two castings that preceded the blind test. “I wasn’t nervous because I really did sport, I felt good, I left. And in the battles I thought I was going to lose because I would lyrically sing with someone who would sing something different, that people would like to hear more, that the judges would like it, I don’t care because the opera is always on a little more cautious, no one bets much no, wait. And I really thought I wasn’t going to win the battles. And since then it has always been a big surprise, I really wasn’t expecting anything. “

The encounter that made him drop out of theater studies

Daniel Fernandes has always wanted to pursue a career in the arts and entertainment. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in the theater course at the University of Minho. I wanted to be an actor, do theater and soap operas. He was there for a semester, but finally dropped out. All thanks to a meeting with actors like Pedro Lima and Fernanda Serrano.

The singer works part-time as a waitress in the Taberna do Migaitas restaurant in Braga. One day, in addition to Rui Melo and Ana Brito e Cunha, Pedro Lima and Fernanda Serrano also drove to Minho City to present the piece “Os Vizinhos de Cima”. And they went to dinner at Taberna do Migaitas, where Daniel Fernandes worked to pay his school fees and car costs.

“I got there and asked: Pedro, what course did you take to start with the theater and then with soap operas? “Oh Daniel, I didn’t study anything at first. I did auditions, tried hard, fought for it and since then I’ve started to learn and train more. But the beginning was without a course and with nothing. ”And I asked Fernanda Serrano and it was the same. And I was in a class that was very focused on scenography, on writing, it was about the whole show. Thank goodness I spoke to them. ”

Every now and then Daniel Fernandes sings in the restaurant – and that is exactly what he did on the evening he served at the table of the actor quartet. Pedro Lima even shared a video of the gig on his Instagram. It all happened a few months before the actor’s death in June 2020.

Then he went to the same university to study philosophy. The aim is to become a subject teacher at the school – which he sees as “Plan B” if he cannot live on music and entertainment.

“In secondary school I enjoyed learning that and being with the students in class. Okay, sometimes students are boring – I’ve been boring and when students are like me I’m fucked. But I like this interaction to help people. When I finished secondary school, I was in the theater and still helping classmates in 10th or 11th grade study because I loved it. And a person needs to have this more stable plan in case something goes wrong. And with the three old ladies at home, I don’t want to risk it going wrong. “

Daniel Fernandes’ family situation

Daniel Fernandes and his older brother grew up in Amares with their great-grandparents, with their maternal grandmother Alice (who is now 67 years old) and great aunts Helena (61 years old) and Eugénia (72 years old). Her mother worked as a hairdresser in a mall, in a salon that closed relatively late. In order not to stay there all day or not to have to pick up their children so far and so late, the boys moved in with their great-grandparents.

Of course, they made their living in Amares. In secondary school, Daniel’s brother went to study in Braga. When it was his turn, Daniel couldn’t leave. “I couldn’t go because my great-grandfather was still alive, because he was my father. He was the one who raised me and he was the only man, the only father figure I had, because I didn’t have much contact with my father and I still don’t have much contact with my father today. I always stayed with him until he died because he was the father he had. And when he died, he was already living there, had my life, it was my home. ”He was therefore raised a lot by his grandmother and great aunts, with whom he still lives.

When her great-grandmother died, the choir surprised her and went to her funeral to sing. “Really enjoyed. Your singing helped a little … not to brighten up the ceremony because it will never be happy, but to better honor the person who died. And it was the same with my great-grandfather.” Sung funerals, both solo and in a choir. He’s also sung at several weddings. “I like funerals better. Weddings are very festive, it’s beautiful, I even cry when the bride walks in, and I really enjoy singing an ‘Avé Maria ‘, a few more lyrical and heavenly things. But funerals seem to have more meaning. “

Daniel Fernandes wants to be president of the local council

In addition, Daniel Fernandes has been involved in local politics for several years. And he plans to run for president of the municipal council of Lago in the next local elections in 2025.

“Basically, I’m running in the next local elections. But be careful: I love music more than politics. When the music goes well, I forget about politics. One day a friend of mine said that he really enjoyed being a MP and making laws at the national level. I like to be with people. Put a lid on the water and go out and try to help. The wall is falling and go there and help. ”Every year she collects goods and makes baskets for those in need. “I love it, it’s beautiful, it calls me the most.”

However, given the course of “The Voice”, he can’t forge many plans for the future. “I don’t have that many goals. I always make plans for everything, but I’ve captured all these surprises in such a way that I can’t make plans so as not to be disappointed. I was just here in the Cathedral of Fátima, I had to sneeze, there was a huge echo and I thought: Look, it was nice to sing an ‘Avé Maria’ here. I love to sing in these acoustics, without a microphone or something. Just sing. Like I do in a restaurant sometimes, everyone shut up and I start singing, with no music or anything. I like to sing next to the people and see the reaction. “

And he is once again surprised by the public’s affection – because many people already come up to him on the street and in social networks. “When I turned to my aunts and rehearsed, they said: Son, I have no idea about music, I don’t know what you sing. And I: no need to understand. Just tell me if you like it if you think what you hear is beautiful. Because that’s what matters: people think it’s beautiful. Passed or failed, I already feel completely fulfilled: because many people thought what I sang was beautiful. ”