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CSU threatens its Member of Parliament Sauter with exclusion from the parliamentary group | Free press

Munich (dpa) – After corruption investigations became known, the top of the CSU party and parliamentary group increased the pressure on former MP Alfred Sauter. The group leadership is now openly threatening him with expulsion from the fraction.

“By decision of the board of directors, the CSU group is investigating and advising on the exclusion of Alfred Sauters,” the parliamentary group said on Friday.

In concrete terms, the entire board of the parliamentary group will meet on Monday. With a corresponding vote, the group will decide on a possible exclusion on Thursday. This requires a two-thirds majority according to the group’s rules of procedure.

After the extension of the mask affair and the resignation of a CSU member from the Bundestag over possible “conflicts of interest”, the CSU board will meet next Friday for a special session: “to draw the necessary conclusions”, as Secretary General said. Markus said Blume. What consequences these are, remained open at first. A report from Blum on the compliance strategy is on the agenda.

The Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the 70-year-old Sauter over an initial suspicion of corruption. The investigations concern the purchase of corona protective masks by the state. Bavarian state crime officials searched the office of Sauter’s state parliament on Wednesday.

Sauter has denied the allegations. “The” bribe “for my parliamentary activities, which I am accused of, is just as adventurous and engineered as the alleged tax cut. It is based on allegations that do not apply,” Sauter said in a statement Thursday.

Sauter announced at the beginning of this month that he had signed a contract with a company to supply corona masks to the Bavarian Ministry of Health. “ With regard to the public charge of a sum of money paid in addition to the attorney’s fee, it was decided from the outset to use the net income remaining after all taxes for charity, which was insured by family members and myself. , ‘he said Thursday. He did not explain what extra money was involved.

Group leader Thomas Kreuzer is now giving Sauter another opportunity in advance to provide “an opportunity for comprehensive clarification,” he said. He had “written to Sauter again to make the allegations against him plausible and understandable by the prosecution on Sunday at noon”.

On Sunday, the district administrator CSU in Swabia also wants to deal with the investigation against Sauter in a special session. District chairman Markus Ferber had announced that it would also be about the possibility of initiating party proceedings.

Within the CSU, it is expected that Sauter may provide an explanation in advance. Party leadership around Chairman Markus Söder and Secretary General Markus Blume asked Sauter to give up his party offices immediately after the corruption investigation became known. Moreover, they had threatened him, at least indirectly, with deportation proceedings. Sauter is, among other things, head of the financial committee of CSU and district chairman in Günzburg.

A member can be expelled from the parliamentary group “if it seriously harms the interests of the group and thereby seriously damages the public image of the group”. Kreuzer stressed, “Anyone who enriches themselves with the purchase of masks and other items in a pandemic situation is seriously damaging the public image of our group and cannot remain a member of our group.” His line is clear here.

On Thursday, Bundestag CSU member Tobias Zech announced his withdrawal from the Bundestag due to potential “conflicts of interest”. The resignation has nothing to do with the current affair about corona protective masks. Rather, the background is allegations of merging mandate and entrepreneurial activities.


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