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Gmund (dpa) – The CSU wants to compete for votes in the two-month federal election with billions in tax cuts and warnings of “arbitrary majorities” without the Union.

During a board meeting at Tegernsee, CSU boss Markus Söder warned on Friday about an election campaign for sleeping cars. “There is still a lot of room for improvement,” he said in view of the latest polls. The chance that the union will appoint the chancellor is high for many people, “but it is not certain”. He wants at least three ministerial posts for the CSU again: “More like – less not.”

In its election program, which the CSU presented at Tegernsee and is intended to supplement the joint program with the CDU, a number of requirements are also made: The CSU demands a permanent reduction in VAT in gastronomy, a reduced tax rate for regional food, an extension of the mother’s pension, longer parental benefits and other benefits for families and companies. The CDU initially did not want to endorse many of these points in the joint program.

Söder spoke of some “specialties” that have been worked out – but he sees the CSU aligned with the Union candidate for Chancellor Armin Laschet by asking for help. “We are in complete agreement on that,” said the CSU chairman. “We just accentuate certain points a bit more.” Recently there was some irritation between the CSU and Laschet.

Clear messages – especially towards the CDU

Söder warned against “arbitrary majorities” if the Union did not “clearly” exceed 30 percent in the elections. That’s why we now need a clear border and a clear profile. “It is very important that we document in the coming weeks that it is not just about driving to the Chancellery in a sleeping car, at low speed.” The Union must now stand up and mobilize. “The Union has stabilized, but it is not yet where we want it to be.” There has been some skepticism about Laschet’s calm election campaign manager from the CSU in recent weeks.

Söder named the areas business/medium businesses, family and home, including climate protection, as the focus of the CSU program. “Germany is facing a change of era,” it reads at the beginning of the paper. In view of the pandemic, the CSU emphasizes: “We can only leave the crisis behind with renewed momentum. We want new growth instead of more taxes, more government and more debt.”

This is how it is stated in the election manifesto entitled «The CSU Programme. Good for Bavaria. Good for Germany.” Among other things, only the requirement for a permanent reduction in VAT for the catering industry to seven percent after the Corona crisis. “This will relieve our gastronomy after the corona pandemic and strengthen our classic Bavarian pub culture.” In addition, the CSU mentions the permanent reduction of VAT on regional food as a political goal for the coming election period: There will be a “separate reduced VAT rate” for domestic products – the CSU does not give a number. Most groceries currently have a reduced VAT rate of seven percent .

In addition, the CSU calls for the commuter lump sum to be linked to the annual average price for carbon dioxide (CO2): “The guideline should be: 10 cents more at the pump makes 1 cent more for the commuter lump in the future”, according to the concept for the board meeting.

In addition, the CSU confirms the already known demands for further tax reductions: including the complete abolition of solos, the reduction of corporate taxes, the easing of families and single parents, for example through a new “child split”, which is intended to complement the existing spouse split in tax. The third phase of the mother’s pension is expressly mentioned as a basic condition for the CSU to participate in the government after the elections – the CSU wants to grant older mothers and younger mothers three instead of two and a half pension points per child.

More relief planned for parents

According to the wishes of the CSU, the parental benefit will be extended to a maximum of 16 months; “In this way we relieve parents and give them more financial leeway”, it states to substantiate the motivation. The CSU is demanding an investment program of four billion euros from the federal government to expand the nursery. The federal participation in the cost of childcare of two billion euros will also be continued after 2022.

Furthermore, the CSU is counting on a doubling of the craftsman bonus in the election program. The tax bonus should therefore be set at 2400 euros to encourage modernization and climate-protective renovations. In addition, the construction of solar energy systems must also be supported more for entrepreneurs through tax benefits.

The CSU explicitly advocates reintroducing the so-called declining balance depreciation for rental housing. As a contribution to climate protection, the CSU is also calling for a special federal program to reactivate selected old railway lines in Bavaria and Germany and, if necessary, also convert them into cycle paths or lanes for autonomous buses. In addition, the federal government is calling for an extra special program for the barrier-free expansion of train stations.

A climate bonus for private households is also intended to create more incentives for climate protection. The purchase of climate-friendly refrigerators or washing machines must become more attractive to consumers. In general, the aim should be to combine climate protection and economic growth in such a way as to avoid deindustrialization of the country.

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