CSU continues to lose ground against Greens in Bavaria | Free press


In Bavaria, the CSU is at the forefront, but according to a survey has an increasingly smaller lead over the Greens. Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet is struggling in the Free State.

Munich (dpa) – According to a new poll, the CSU has lost more ground to the Greens among Bavarian voters.

In the last voter check on behalf of the “5:30 pm Sat.1” program, Prime Minister Markus Söder’s party would receive only 32 percent of the vote in the federal elections in September (April: 34 percent), while the Greens received 26 percent (April : 25 percent).

Armin Laschet (CDU), Union’s top candidate, is considered the most popular candidate by only 18 percent of those polled. The Green applicant Annalena Baerbock, on the other hand, comes to 28 percent, SPD man Olaf Scholz to 13 percent. Compared to the April survey, the order remains unchanged; all candidates have won at the expense of the undecided group.

At the same time, satisfaction with the state government’s work continues to fall to 52 percent; 46 percent are dissatisfied. In January, 72 percent were still satisfied. The approval for Söder is always crumbling: 65 percent say he is a good prime minister. However, a steady decline has been seen here (84 percent) since January.

Of the possible coalitions in the federal government, black and green is the only one to be rated “essentially good” by more than half of voters at 58 percent. “Fundamentally Good” is a coalition of Union and SPD 41 percent, black and yellow 39 percent, Jamaica (Union, FDP and Greens) 32 percent, the traffic light (SPD, Greens, FDP) 25 percent and red-red-green 15 percent .

If the general election were next Sunday, the Bavarians would rule as follows: 32 percent CSU, 26 percent Greens, 11 percent FDP, 8 percent SPD, 10 percent AfD, 4 percent Left Party, 4 percent free voters, 5 percent others.

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