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For a long time, the Bundeswehr depended on local helpers for its deployment in Afghanistan. They now have to fear for their lives because of the advance of the Taliban – but the exit procedures promised by the federal government are dragging on.

Berlin (dpa) – In view of the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, criticism is growing over the way the federal government treats its local helpers.

Until the end of their deployment in the country, the Bundeswehr in particular had to rely on the support of so-called local personnel, who now fear for their lives and that of their relatives due to the advance of the Taliban. The government has completely lost its ‘moral compass’, said the chairman of the Afghan local workers’ sponsor network, Marcus Grotian, of the ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’. The self-organizing departure procedures would take a long time.

The chairman of the defense committee in the Bundestag, Wolfgang Hellmich (SPD), told the newspaper: “What a crazy idea it is that families go out, handle the procedure and book the flights themselves? When I look at the map, I see how the Taliban are surrounding the cities.” The procedure is too bureaucratic. Greens’ deputy Agnieszka Brugger said: “The German government has failed to recruit all local personnel in Afghanistan. comprehensive, safe and prompt assistance.”

Two and a half weeks ago, Chancellor Angela Merkel promised more support to local staff, including charter flights to let helpers fly out with their families. According to the report, according to the Interior Ministry, 471 local workers and their relatives have completed travel documents so far, totaling 2,851 people. From Thursday 1796 came to Germany, 296 of whom were former local workers.

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