Cristina Ferreira’s new program will be published in the first quarter of the year


Cristina Ferreira’s new program will be published in the first quarter of the year

We are talking about “Cristina ComVida”, who will take up the evening hours. The format promises to cross fiction with reality.

It will be the sequel to “Cristina’s Day”.

In addition to “All Together Now”, an ambitious talent competition that was already expected, Cristina Ferreira will have a second program on TVI. We are talking about “Cristina ComVida” which debuts in the first quarter of this year and which the TV channel promises to advertisers.

It will take up the late afternoon hours and the broadcaster guarantees that it is “an innovative and bold format where fiction meets reality”. And he adds: “An hour full of surprises, emotions and funny moments that happens every day with Cristina Ferreira. A natural and harmonious fusion that becomes almost imperceptible to the viewer and puts him in a dimension that has never been experienced before on Portuguese television. “

It is broadcast from Monday to Friday from 7 p.m. There will be guests every day. “Today’s great personalities will come by – actors, musicians, journalists, artists, writers, politicians, athletes, etc.”, summarizes TVI.

“In this house we will also learn about exciting life stories brought by anonymous people who are looking in Cristina Ferreira for the comfort of a kind shoulder or the joy and strength to keep going. Stories about courage, conflicts and suffering, but also stories about success and happiness ”can be read in the project description.

The program scenario includes several rooms in a house – for example a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room and an outdoor area.